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Through vendor and industry consolidation, Ackroo provides marketing, payment and point-of-sale solutions for merchants of all sizes.

Ackroo provides merchants a robust, cloud-based multi-currency marketing platform.


As an industry consolidator, Ackroo acquires, integrates and manages gift card, loyalty marketing, payment and point-of-sale solutions used by merchants of all sizes.  Ackroo’s self-serve, data driven, cloud-based marketing platform helps merchants in-store and online process and manage loyalty, gift card and promotional transactions at the point of sale.  Ackroo’s acquisition of payment ISO’s affords Ackroo the ability to resell payment processing solutions to their growing merchant base through some of the world’s largest payment technology and service providers. As a third revenue stream Ackroo has acquired certain custom software products including hybrid management and point-of-sale solutions that help manage and optimize the general operations for niche industry’s including automotive dealers and more. All solutions are focused on helping to consolidate, simplify and improve the merchant marketing, payments and point-of sale ecosystem for their clients. Ackroo is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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Investor Update

Interview with Steve Levely, CEO

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Ackroo provides merchants a robust, cloud-based multi-currency marketing platform. Invest with Ackroo


Steve Levely is Ackroo’s acting Chairman & Chief Executive Officer; having previously served as Ackroo’s Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing.

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Sam Cole is a corporate securities lawyer with the firm of Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP, based in Vancouver. Sam serves as Ackroo’s secretary and treasurer.

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Jeremy Jagt serves as Chairman of Ackroo’s Audit Committee and is currently President of Potentia Renewables Inc., a fully integrated developer, owner and operator of renewable energy assets.

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Owner of Alliance Communications and Security, and a thriving commercial real estate business, Brad has a keen interest in emerging technologies and has been an active investor in several successful start-ups.

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Jon Clare is CEO of FuneralTech, an international death care SaaS company based out of Kingston, specializing in management, website, memorialization and marketing solutions.

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Philippe Bergeron-Belanger is CFO of Good Protein, a vegan protein and superfoods company based in Montreal, is a trusted investor and business strategist.

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