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Customer Loyalty Programs

Personalized, units-based rewards programs with tons of customization options — starting at just $150/month.
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Guide customer spending according to your business objectives

Gathering customer data is critical to being successful in your marketing efforts.
To achieve this, Ackroo provides a secure customer card registration process, This makes it easy for you to communicate with your customers about special news and promotions.
Register Cards

Register Cards

Ackroo Anywhere customized program dashboard with analytics

Customized Dashboard

  • Integration to your point-of-sale
  • Link for your website to have customers register, check, transfer and/or add to their balances online
  • Easy to use, self-serve program console to track, measure and administer your program
  • On-demand reporting & analytics
  • Currency, unit-based and points-based rewards programs
  • Campaign manager to create time-based, location-specific promotions
  • Integrated email communication, automated promos, and more…
  • No extra hardware needed.  Works within your POS environment
  • Easy to use customer-facing application for your customers via your website and/or mobile app
  • Control of all of your program settings and data
  • Increased insight into customer spending to drive marketing & business initiatives
  • Customized rewards schemes tailored specifically to your business
  • Self-serve tools to allow you to make ad-hoc changes
  • A database of customers where you have 1 to 1 communication with them and more…
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Why Do Customer Loyalty Programs Matter to Your Business?

73% of people are more likely to recommend a business with good customer loyalty programs.

79% say that loyalty programs make them more likely to visit a business.

66%  are willing to increase what they spend to maximize rewards.

Customer Loyalty programs create an emotional connection.

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Look for the moments that matter most to your customers.

81% of people are interested in
letting their habits, behaviours and activities be tracked
if they receive personalized rewards in return.


Reward your customers & watch your revenue grow!

We make it easy for you to set up and run personalized customer loyalty programs.

Customize your loyalty program by choosing a redemption path of “earning & burning” points or $ based rewards.
Take your program to the next level coupled with Ackroo’s marketing services and mobile app options!
Already have a loyalty program? We can migrate your data quickly and easily!

Ackroo Customer Loyalty Card Examples

Not yet sure loyalty is right for you?

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Put Ackroo’s Customer Loyalty Programs to work!

Focus on what matters & do more of what you love.

Why does loyalty matter?

some of our clients

Make redemption easy with an app

Want a better experience for your customers? Talk to us about mobile app options!
Members can manage their gift card & loyalty balances in the app,
making earning and redeeming convenient and easy!

Mobile apps, you say? Tell me more!
Balance Check
Ackroo Anywhere program dashboard analytics

Customer data at your fingertips

Registering gift cards is easy!
By doing so, you turn your program into a mini marketing machine.
Use your program console to manage data, plan promotions and track your results, all in one place!

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One-stop shop
(reporting & analytics)

We make it easy to manage your customer loyalty program all in one place.
You’ll be given a unique Ackroo Anywhere console that is all yours to manage.

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Make every customer
your best customer.

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The Benefits of Introducing a Gift Card & Loyalty Program

It’s really easy!

We’re known for our quick setup & speedy design service turnaround.
See Ackroo’s loyalty card design options.

quick setup & speedy design service turnaround

Ackroo is a loyalty programs, gift card & payment company.

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Why do I need a loyalty program?2020-05-01T12:38:48-04:00

Loyalty programs create an emotional connection with your brand. Customers in a loyalty program are far more likely to increase their spending, return more often, and advocate on your behalf. In a competitive market, customized loyalty programs help you stand out, realize new opportunities, and drive insight that will push you towards your business goals.

What makes your program unique?2020-10-14T16:28:02-04:00

The Ackroo Anywhere loyalty program dashboard gives you access to detailed customer profiles. This will help you gather insights to identify marketing and promotional opportunities to help grow your business.

We are passionate about the success of our clients. Our team is dedicated to determining where we can offer value and we take great pride in working towards the goals that matter most to your business. With an amazing in-house team of marketing and design professionals, Ackroo is ready to help make your brand come alive. Ackroo is truly a one-stop integrated shop for all merchant related loyalty, gift cards & payment needs.

How much does it cost?2022-11-21T15:09:48-04:00

Our loyalty programs start at $125/month. See our pricing page for more details.

How do customers check their balances?2020-08-11T14:09:37-04:00

Ackroo provides you with a custom-branded portal for customers to register their loyalty cards and check balances.

How long does it take to get set up?2020-05-01T12:38:25-04:00

Once you’ve made the decision to start a loyalty program we can have you up and running in as little as 2-3 business days. Our team of designers will work with you to create your custom branded portal, so the sooner you supply your artwork, the sooner your portal will be built out.

Can customers earn/burn loyalty across all my locations?2020-05-01T12:37:41-04:00

Yes! Your customers can earn and redeem loyalty points and dollars across multi-locations.

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