Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs offer one of the fastest routes to building close ties with your best customers. Over time, your customers develop strong, lasting relationships with your business. The more they visit, the more they feel connected to you-and the more profitable your relationship becomes.

Industry resources tell us that:

  • 94% of households participate in at least one card-based loyalty program
  • 78% of cardholders use their loyalty card every time they shop
  • Consumer spending is 46% higher with companies with loyalty programs
  • Companies can boost profits by 50% by retaining 5% more customers
  • Businesses with loyalty programs are 60% more profitable than those without

At Ackroo, we’ll help you customize a loyalty program that’s right for you and your customers. Create the loyalty program that works best for your business:

Rewards Dollars:

For every dollar your customers spend, they earn a percentage back on their card. They can use those reward dollars toward future purchases in your store.

Threshold-based Loyalty:

Customers earn reward dollars they can redeem once they’ve achieved a pre-determined threshold.

Special & Time-based Offers:

Treat your customers to special offers and promotions that you can apply directly to their accounts.

Comprehensive web-based reporting tools offer insights into customers spending and purchasing habits allowing you to see how your loyalty program is working for you.


How it Works

Define Your Program

You know your business and your customers best. Choose a loyalty program that’s right for both. Ackroo’s loyalty experts will design a customized loyalty program that fits perfectly with your business and resonates with your customers.

Design Your Loyalty Cards

Choose from a selection of loyalty card templates that align with your type of business or let us create a custom loyalty card design that fits seamlessly with your brand.

Download the Software

Ackroo’s loyalty experts work with you to ensure your business is ready to accept your cards either through your existing payment terminal or via a virtual terminal through a browser on any computer with internet access.

Promote Your Program

Ackroo arms you with promotional POS material to promote your program in-store. Advertise and market your loyalty program to your new and existing customers to generate interest, boost your program membership and increase return visits.


Transaction Management

  • Supports standalone, semi-integrated and integrated solutions
  • Virtual terminal solutions (web based)
  • Payment terminal solutions:
    • Verifone Evolutions & Verix
    • Ingenico Telium & UniCapt
  • API for management system integration
  • Solution collateral (cards & carriers)

Administration & Support

  • Easy to use web-based software platform
  • Merchant platform allows you to manage your gift card or loyalty program
  • Consumer platform allows your customers to view their account balances
  • 24/7 first-line support

Reporting & Analytics

  • Comprehensive web-based reporting tools
  • Insights into customer spending and purchasing habits
  • Allows you to see how your loyalty program is working for you