As Marketing Professionals, we know that consumers, like you and me, want to save money! That’s why sales are so popular. Shoppers love taking advantage of a good discount! As we all know, buying something on sale and getting a good deal is gratifying. If customers consistently feel they are getting great value shopping with you, that positive experience will encourage them to spend with you again!

Running a gift card promotion by giving promotional cash away is like having a sale! Reward your customers with a few dollars off their next purchase for a limited time only through an easy-to-manage promotional gift card sale. 

How can gift card promotions empower your business? Read on below!

Gift cards are a popular gift of choice because gifters don’t want to handcuff their friends and family to a specific item. Who wants yet another pair of socks from mom? It gives the loved one you’re celebrating the freedom to choose what they truly want, while giving the gifter the peace of mind that they didn’t drop the ball with a bad present!

Ackroo’s gift cards include a simple, easy-to-use tool that can be leveraged to run promotions and make you real money.

We empower all of our gift & promo merchants with this proven revenue-driving method to not only increase foot traffic, but also improve their brand’s perceived value with their customers. Our team knows that not everyone has time to run promotions in house or access to a marketing team. That doesn’t mean you can’t reap the rewards of successful gift card promotions!

gift card promotion sale

You can even encourage your customers to buy a higher-valued gift card if you offer a promotional card with a specific trigger value. For example, your average gift card purchase is $20, so to boost gift sales, you run a “buy $25 get $5″ gift card promotion. This incentivizes your customers to spend that extra $5 (and much more) by attaching an expiration for that $5 at the end of this year. As the business owner, you don’t want to be on the hook for the promo value forever!

Rewarding your gifters with a buy-one-get-one offering ahead of the holidays is also highly effective as you’re incentivizing them with a little something for themselves during the Christmas season. They’re buying these gifts anyway, so why wouldn’t they choose to shop at a business that’s willing to give a little back? Plus, if they never come back to use the promo dollars, it will expire — no big deal! 

We’ve done our research. Did you know that you can expect 30% of what you give out in promo dollars to come back? The other 70% expires automatically, so it’s no liability to you or trouble to manage! Plus, customers tend to spend up to 3x more than the promo dollars they received.

With just a couple of clicks, you can kick back and let our hands-off promotional gift cards do the work for you. Here’s a breakdown of what you could potentially make this upcoming holiday season:

gift card promotion example

Is there any reason why you wouldn’t want your gift card program to work as hard as you do? We didn’t think so!

You’ve literally got nothing to lose. Gift card promotions are a no-strings-attached way to yield a higher return from your existing gift card sales!