Hotel Customer Loyalty: Does your hotel have hospitality loyalty systems? If not, it’s time to gather your team and implement one. We all know a loyalty program is beneficial for those staying at the hotel, but it is also extremely beneficial for the hotel itself.

According to a study by the Centre for Hospitality Research, once a guest signed up to a hotel’s loyalty program the frequency of stays booked by a guest at that hotel rose on average by 49%. Additionally, the study also pointed out that loyalty programs accounted for a 57% rise in bedroom revenue.

People will book with a hotel that they know they can trust. A hospitality loyalty systems program for hospitality industry is not only a way to say thank you to your guests, but also a way to build that relationship.

Here are three tips you should keep in mind when developing your loyalty program.

Include All Your Guests

It is important to ensure your hospitality loyalty systems is aimed at all guests and not just those who can spend large sums of money when staying with you.

A strategy you can take with your loyalty program is to do tiered benefits. Depending on how much the visitor has earned, they are entitled to a certain amount of benefits (i.e. free Wi-Fi, complimentary room service, upgraded room, free stay, etc.)

Hotel Customer Loyalty Promotion is Key

It is important to continue ongoing promotion and communication of your program – and there are multiple routes you can take to make sure visitors know about your program!

Promote through word of mouth: when customers are checking in, ask if they have their loyalty card. If they aren’t signed up, this is your opportunity to talk about the program and benefits! It is also important to mention how they can benefit from the program that day.

Promote your hotel customer loyalty and hospitality loyalty systems through email and social media: if visitors have opted-in to receive communications from you, don’t pass on the opportunity to promote your loyalty program if they haven’t already signed up! This could be the email that makes them choose you next time they need to book a hotel. As well, take advantage of your social presence to get the word out.

It is important to note that these communications will also allow you to gather critical information on your guests so that you can help make their stay even better.

Revamp Your Brand

Launching a loyalty program gives you the opportunity to freshen up your brand and get to know your customers. Find out what they want from your hotel and what would entice them to join your loyalty program. This is vital information you will need when building your loyalty program.

As well, giving your brand a refresh along the way will draw even more attention to your hotel. It is a great tool to use when promoting your program; not only will people notice that you’ve launched the program and the great benefits, but also the eye-catching look!