Have you introduced your gift card and loyalty program to your eCommerce platform?

In this day and age, almost everything is done via the internet. Shopping, buying, selling – so why limit your customers to only using your program in store?

Shopping online is becoming a growing trend and, according to statistics, almost 80% of consumers opt for using virtual shopping carts.

Through your eCommerce platform, you can take advantage of doubling your gift card sales while collecting critical data on your customers. How exactly? Let us explain.

Increasing Your Sales

eCommerce enhancements allow your customers two ways to purchase gift cards: in-store and online.

If customers are unable to come to your store, or just prefer to purchase a gift card from the comfort of their home, using your eCommerce Platform is the low-cost solution.

You are also breaking down a geographical barrier which means you have the opportunity to grow your customer base. How? Say John is in Toronto and Sally is in Halifax. John wants to buy Sally a gift card from her favourite Oceanside Halifax restaurant, so all he needs to do is purchase an eGift via your eCommerce gift card and/or loyalty portal.

Your platform also allows you to be open 24/7 for all your customers – how convenient!

Collecting Critical Data

By adding eCommerce enhancements, your customers are encouraged to register their gift cards which means you are collecting important data including their name, email, and birthdate.

This information can be used for future communications and marketing initiatives to help bring customers back in to your business.

With some eCommerce gift card and/or loyalty portals, you can also utilize the option of promo cards. Every time a customer purchases an eGift, they receive a bonus card for themselves! Through one transaction you’ve grown your customer base by two.

Not sure how an eCommerce gift card and/or loyalty portal can help your business?

Here at Ackroo, we have developed our own eCommerce portal that can either be linked to your website or embedded. The portal has been tested to make sure it is valuable for each merchants’ business and offers features including a card carousel, reload option, custom cards, and much more. Get in touch today!