We wanted to take this opportunity to share some highlights of the year past, and what we’re looking forward to offering you in 2022.


AckrooMKTG Product Upgrades

Our mobile app service got a serious upgrade!

We now have 130 customers who have created a custom mobile app with us to support their gift & loyalty programs.

We completed our integration to Shopify, so now your customers can redeem their gift cards on your online store! Ask us how.

The Ackroo Learning Centre was created to help educate our customers on their programs!

Take the Gift & Promo course

Take the Loyalty course

The Ackroo Anywhere program console received a branding/user interface update!

The new modern visuals reflect our playful, tech-forward personality.

We hope you’ve found this new dashboard easier to navigate!

By the Numbers


Number of customers!


Number of customer locations!


Customers using Digital Gift Cards!


Customers with a Loyalty Program!


AckrooPAY customers!


AckrooPOS customers, including 160 golf courses!

AckrooPOS Solution Expansion

We acquired InterActive DMS, a cloud-based management software solution for independent dealerships, to further support our Automotive customers

We completed our first year with our golf POS acquisition, GGGolf, expanding the team & investing in improving the product & support

Look Forward: 2022 Plans

Feature Releases: AckrooMKTG

Watch for the launch of our brand-new Marketing Hub, which will allow you to send marketing emails to your customers!

Slated for Jan/Feb 2022.

This year, take the design of your cards into your own hands!

Our new Card Design Portal will allow you to choose — design your own cards, or let our team work their magic!

Slated for Jan 2022.

Feature Releases – AckrooPOS

Our focus for our two AckrooPOS solutions this year is to simplify and expand our offering.

In 2022, we will be working on automating processes and streamlining updates to make the products even easier and more intuitive to use.

Expanding the Ackroo Learning Centre

We’re planning on creating even more video tutorial content!

Watch for courses on email marketing, eGift cards, & more.

We want to hear from you!

In 2022, you can expect our Product Management team to reach out much more frequently this year.

These conversations will help us improve and better understand the voice of our customers.

We would also very much appreciate if you would take some time to write a review on Google to tell others of your experience working with Ackroo!

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Thanks for a successful 2021. Let’s win more business together in 2022!