Hi Ackroo Community!

Today’s update is related to the Ackroo Virtual Terminal (VT).  We’ve updated a new search method when you are trying to locate a customer’s account.  We’re introducing Search by phone number!  Feedback has been received from many clients requesting that we add more easy ways to search for customers. This update is super easy and will save you time at the checkout.  Previous to this update, you could search for your customer by:

  • Name
  • Card number
  • Batch
  • Reference #
  • VIN number (automotive-specific)

Please see the details below relating to our new update:


Clients using the virtual terminal


We’ve added the capability to search for your customer’s account by phone number.


Ackroo Virtual Terminal


This feature is live and ready to use now!

Merchants use this feature when they want to:

  • adjust/update a clients profile
  • fund/redeem a currency type (gift, promo,loyalty & units)
  • check a customers balance
  • review/print customer transaction records


Step 1: Log into your virtual terminal from your AA (Ackroo Anywhere) Program console.















Step 2: Choose > Search Type > Phone Number


















Step 3: Enter the customer’s phone number > search. Please note: a result will only occur if the client has previously registered their phone number as part of their profile. If the phone number is not registered, you will receive an error stating “cardholder not found”, and you will need top search using a different search criteria.


















And that’s it! Now you know how to look up your customers in your virtual terminal by phone number.  As always, should you have any questions, our client success team is always happy to chat. please email them clientsuccess@ackroo.com.