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Q:  What’s the benefit of using email marketing? 
A:  Email marketing allows you to create a multi-tiered communication approach. You can talk to your customers about promotions, events, features, rewards balance updates, anything you’d like!

Q:  What if I don’t currently have an email list?
A:  Not to worry! We can pull the list from your Ackroo Anywhere platform. We’ll work with you to build a list so that you’ll be set up to continue with email marketing for June and beyond.

Q:  How many emails can I send?
A:  Typically 1 a week; however, it will depend on your goals. Our team of experts will work with you to determine how many emails and when you should send them.

Q:  It’s a precarious time in the world right now. Do people really want to hear from me?
A:  Yes! People want to feel connected and are looking for ways to help their local economies. There’s a reason we’re seeing an influx of communication from businesses right now — we’re seeing a positive trend of brand sentiment and increased emotional connection brought on through email. Keep the messaging simple, heartfelt, and human, and you’ll reach those who want to support you the most.

Q:  I already send my own emails. Why should I use your service? 
A:  Amazing! That makes it super easy for us to take over your efforts, leaving more time for you to do the important stuff elsewhere in your business. Our team of experts is able to take your current style and flush out an entire email marketing plan to help drive engagement and get you closer to your program goals.

Q:  Where can I learn more about email marketing in general?
A:  Check out these 10 Best Practices for Email Marketing Campaigns!