These days, everything is done on our smartphone. Calling, texting, e-mailing, updating social media, booking a flight, doing your groceries, depositing a cheque – everything.

So wouldn’t it make sense for your customers to be able to check their gift card and loyalty balance on their phone too?

Mobile applications are no longer just for the big name brands. More small to medium sized businesses are taking advantage of the benefits a mobile app brings.

Here are three reasons why you should jump on the mobile app train.

  1. Convenience

Convenience is what customers love the most.

Mobile apps are a fast and easy way for customers to check their gift card and loyalty balance. They have all the information they need, including your business location and hours, right at their fingertips.

The app can play an important role as the go-to source when customers have questions or need to contact the merchant for support.

  1. Builds Relationships with Customers

When customers first download the app, they will need to register and provide information like their name, e-mail, and birthday. This allows the merchant to capture direct marketing information which in turn gives them the opportunity to build relationships with customers.

Want to provide John Smith with special promo dollars on his birthday? You have the information and the power to do that! Want to send out information on upcoming promotions? You have the information and power to do that too!

  1. Boosts interest in the Company

Since many of us are constantly on our phones, your business will always be visible to customers. According to reports, the average person checks their phone over 80 times per day.

As well, our mind unconsciously records every image or text that we see. So even if they aren’t using their phone to check your app at that time, they are still scrolling by your icon and your brand is in their face.

There are many reasons why going mobile is a great idea. It is cost saving as you don’t have to spend as many dollars on cards and it engages the digitally tech savvy audience (which nowadays is a large amount of the consumer population)

So how do you launch your own mobile app you ask? Well, good news for you, Ackroo has gone mobile!

Ackroo will work with you to build your branded mobile app. Within the app, customers can:

  • View their gift card and loyalty balance
  • Earn and redeem on their gift card and/or loyalty program
  • Check their transaction history
  • Update profile information including e-mail, phone number, password, and birthday
  • Contact merchant for support
  • View a map of merchant location and hours of operation
  • Add multiple cards
  • Transfer funds

And on top of that, there are many upgrades to come in 2017!

Contact today to learn more about how you can go mobile.