Strategies to Help You Elevate Holiday Revenue!2023-08-27T13:45:16-04:00

A Very Digital Holiday

Strategies to Elevate Your Revenue This Holiday Season

Date & Time

NEW DATE: Wednesday, September 6th at 12 pm ET

Webinar Length

30 minutes

What are your marketing plans to increase revenue this holiday season? Believe it or not…the holidays are almost here! We want you to be prepared with the right strategies and tools. Join us on Wednesday, September 6th at 12 pm ET for our webinar “A Very Digital Holiday: Strategies to Elevate Your Revenue This Holiday Season.”

What will we talk about?

  • Marketing strategies to help your revenue during the holidays and after
  • The change in shopping trends and rise of digital gift cards
  • A demo of an eGift portal and dashboard

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Join Kelly Sykes, Ackroo’s Marketing Manager, as she dives into strategies that you can run to increase revenue during the holiday season and beyond!

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Frequently asked questions

Can customers reload a digital gift card?2020-05-01T01:30:02-04:00

Yes, the Ackroo digital gift card program allows for reloads.

Can my customers customize the $ amount of a gift card purchase?2020-05-01T01:29:55-04:00

We will work with you to create common denominations to offer eGift card purchase thresholds. If you require a custom amount we can accommodate.

Can I change my eGift card art?2020-05-01T01:30:33-04:00

Yes! You can change it as often as you’d like. You can submit your original card art to us or have one of our talented graphic designers work with you to create a fresh image.

How do I get the funds after a customer makes an eGift card purchase?2020-05-01T01:25:43-04:00

You will set up a payment gateway (we partner with PayPal & Bambora) where your funds will be automatically directly deposited into your bank account. Ackroo does not hold any funds in a digital wallet.

Can customers redeem their gift cards online?2020-08-11T14:06:03-04:00

Customers can currently purchase eGifts online and redeem them in-store. Online redemption may be available; please inquire for more details.

How do customers check their balances?2020-05-01T01:24:51-04:00

Customers are able to check their balances online in the custom branded portal we create for your store. This portal will live on your website if you have one or as a standalone page to allow customers to access to register their cards and check their balances. This is where you will collect customer data to manage your gift card program.