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Build a connection between your customer and your brand. Simpliconnect is a full solution for digital loyalty rewards programs for gas stations and c-stores.

Loyalty Rewards

Mobile App

Scan Data

Customized C-Store Loyalty Programs

Create a valuable connection with your customers and increase sales by offering personalized rewards that attract, retain, and grow your customer base.

Why Simpliconnect for your loyalty program? It’s simple.

We work with all major fuel brands to help you get set-up with ease.
We provide a dedicated client success manager and access to real-time statistics and reporting. Plus:

  • Text-to-enrol options

  • Send emails, texts, and push notifications to loyalty members

  • Offer cents off at the pump for loyalty customers

  • Create coupons, offer discounts on in-store items

  • Promote daily deals and offers to drive additional spend

  • Set-up clubs for your members and enable instant rewards

  • Customize a points program to reward your customers

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Simpliconnect is your customer engagement expert for convenience stores and gas stations.

A Mobile App to Meet Your Business Needs

A mobile app is key to modernizing and enhancing your loyalty program customer experience. Two different versions of the app are available: standard and custom.

App Features Include:
  • Fully integrated with your point-of-sale system
  • In-app points program tracking
  • Fuel discounts
  • Electronic coupons
  • Display your store locations and hours of operation
  • Digital identification
  • Age verification
  • Custom app is branded in both Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Plus, you can keep members even more engaged by offering personalized rewards and promotions through SMS notifications, text messages, and email.

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Stay Competitive with a Scan Data Program

With a scan data program, you can easily track your tobacco sales and identify purchasing trends. This key data helps you make even more informed decisions on what products to market and promote and keeps you ahead of the competition with tobacco pricing. Our scan data program meets Tier 2 & 3 with Altria and Level 1 & 2 with RJR:

Tier 2

Tier 1 requirements

Retailer Digital Platform

Available for ATC’s 21+

Participate and Deliver ATOC Retail Digital Coupons

Tier 3

Tier 1 & 2 requirements

Responsible Branded Digital Advertising Requirements

Deliver ATV 21+ Value to Specific Loyalty ID’s

In-app Digital Advertisements for ATOC Branded Offers

Simpliconnect Pricing

Base Product


per month, per site
Program setup (one time):
$1500 + $250 per additional site

Premium Product


per month, per site
Program setup (one time):
$4500 + $250 per additional site + applicable design fees (variable)

Base Product Includes:
  • Dedicated client success representative
  • Customer ‘text to enrol’ capability
  • Standard mobile app: member enrolment & access
  • Rewards program including point accumulation and product discounting
  • Fuel rollback
  • 2 Clubs (digital punch card)
  • 2 automated communications: Welcome Offer & one additional (ex Birthday Offer) text
  • Basic reporting & analytics
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Includes: Base Product plus:
  • Unlimited Communications
  • Merchandise discounting (2 per month)
  • Custom white-label mobile app member enrolment & access & ongoing support
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Optional Add-Ons

Feature Set Up Fee (if applicable)Monthly Fee
 Unlimited communications $0 $50 per site
 Unlimited clubs $0 $25 per site
 Merchandise discounts updates $50 $0
 Custom white-labeled mobile app + ongoing support & license fee $4500 + variable design fees $50 per site ($250 minimum)
 Member migration from other providers $500 $0
 Tobacco Program: Altria Tier 1 $500 $35 per site
Tobacco Program: Altria Tier 2 $500 $40 per site
 Tobacco Program: Altria Tier 3 (Includes age verification with setup) $500 $50 per site + $2 per age verification
 Tobacco Program: RJR Level 1 $500 $35 per site
Tobacco Program: RJR Level 2 $500 $40 per site
 Tobacco Program: RJR – All In (Level 3) (Includes age verification with setup) $500 $50 per site + $2 per age verification
 Tobacco Program: ITG $500 $20 per site
 POP display materials Variable
Membership segments $150 per hour $20
 Recurring custom data extract $150 per hour $150
 Additional custom support $150 per hour $0
 Advanced reporting & analytics $150 per hour $150
 Verifone integration $12.50 per site
 SKUPOS Basic Scan Data Fee $150 $20 per site
 Additional IT Setup Fee $2000

*3% processing fee applies to all credit card payments

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