Hello Ackroo Community,

We have been working on many language-related improvements lately.  Today’s update is something that will affect all members trying to register their cards.  We have updated our member registration forms with a mandatory language selection.   Registrants will not be able to bypass this field moving forward.  Let’s dive into the update:


This update affects all Ackroo merchants and anyone trying to register a card.


Mandatory language selection in the registration phase.  Language options are French or  English.


Your customers will see this on various registration points, including the mobile app, your web-based card registration page (WLP) & on the virtual terminal.

You will see this item is locked (greyed out) in your settings > registration settings.
















This update is now live.


This was enforced due to cardholders choosing neither option. When it came time for the Ackroo client to send a communication, because the registrant selected no language, they would not receive the communication. To ensure every registrant receives a communication, this rule was put into effect.


All registrants have a profile that can be updated at any time to reflect their language preference (should it change).

  1. You can update a registered cardholder’s language preference in their profile which resides in your AA Program Console > Cards.















2. Click Action > edit profile.















3. A popup window will appear. Scroll down to language and update > save.















If you have any questions regarding this mandatory language selection field, please do not hesitate to reach out to your client success representative, clientsuccess@ackroo.com.