For over a decade, Benbria® has been helping brands from around the globe connect with their customers and build meaningful relationships using mobile technology.

Founded in 2008, Benbria® offers a single unified platform housing both an omni-channel messaging and fully developed customer experience measurement solution.

Using a variety of mobile, online, and on-property technologies – including SMS, email, web, in-app and messaging channels, as well as kiosks – the Loop® platform enables brands to capture real-time insights from Loop Pulse™ as well as message across multiple channels using Loop Messenger™.

The Loop Pulse™ suite, more specifically, helps businesses measure and understand the voice of the customer in real-time. From either a single touch point or across the entire buying journey, the Loop Pulse™ product allows brands to report on and analyze the true customer experience.

The Loop Messenger™ suite comparatively delivers omni-channel communication for customers and teams. Whether they prefer basic SMS conversations or multiple messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger or Twitter Direct Messages, Loop Messenger™ allows companies to connect multiple channels to respond quickly and consistently with customers.

Over the years, Benbria has been perfecting each product to offer a simple and seamless experience that team members and customers can enjoy. By eliminating complexity from messaging, their solution makes management more consistent and clean, so it is simple to adopt.

The platform also provides valuable customer and team insights that businesses can leverage to better understand their inner workings and better engage them for a more memorable experience.



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