We Consider Ourselves Lucky To Have Such Great Clients And It’s Important To Show Them The Love Too!

For November’s member spotlight, we wanted to highlight Regional Animal Protection Society (RAPS) Animal Hospital, who just began their journey with Ackroo this year! Their program has already grown and proven to be a valuable asset to their company.  We are so proud and excited to have them as members of our program. 

We had the pleasure to chat with Jonathan Lerner, the Director of Business Development at RAPS. Jonathan gave us insight into RAPS and their experience with Ackroo’s eGift program. eGift or digital gift cards are one of the many program features that Ackroo offers.

  1. Why did RAPS Animal Hospital choose Ackroo?

The RAPS Animal Hospital is a full-service, community-owned, not-for-profit veterinary facility, located in Metro Vancouver. Our bottom line is not profit – it is saving and improving the lives of animals. All revenue from the hospital is reinvested back into services to the community through the no-kill Regional Animal Protection Society. We are dedicated to ensuring that no family is forced to make life and death decisions for their companion animals based on ability to pay.

One way we seek to realize this objective is by providing gift cards and subsidized offers to our customers. Becoming the only vet hospital in B.C. to offer gift cards, allows friends and family to help those struggling to afford vet care by sending them gift cards easily and digitally. Ackroo was recommended to us and they provide this capability.

2. What do you and your staff like about Ackroo? 

We admire the simplicity and ease Ackroo provides both to our staff and our clients, with no physical transaction required. We have appreciated the Ackroo staff’s help in customization to make the program fit our needs.

3. As users of Ackroo’s eGift program, how has using eGift benefited both your business and customer experience?

Ackroo has enabled easy gifting of cards to people, especially during COVID-19, allowing people to deliver eGifts digitally and instantly without the need for physical contact.

Ackroo provides easier management of payments and outstanding balances than physical gift cards – that’s easier for us and easier for our clients!

4. Digital gifting has become an important platform in 2020. What advice would you give other merchants who are considering eGift?

RAPS Animal Hospital offers incentives for eGift senders and recipients. A $100 gift card delivers as much as $150 in value to the recipient. If, in the process, we onboard a new client, that is a highly effective and efficient inducement.

In this unprecedented year, eGifting is not only a means to demonstrate kindness – it is a meaningful and effective way to support local businesses. That is something everyone wants to do, now more than ever!

5. What tools do you use to promote your eGift program to your customers (i.e. word of mouth, website, social media, in-store posters, e-mail)?

RAPS Animal Hospital has made a fun-to-watch promotional video about the gift cards that can be viewed below.

This has been distributed through our social media channels and via Facebook advertising. We also have a wide network of supporters, donors, clients and community partners through which we share news of eGifts through biweekly e-newsletters and other communications. 

  1. Are there any other features of our program that you use that have brought you success since launching? 

We are happy to receive regular emailed updates on purchases and redemptions of eGifts, which allow real time tracking of our successes. Thanks Ackroo!