We Consider Ourselves Lucky To Have Such Great Clients And It’s Important To Show Them The Love Too!

For December’s Member Spotlight, we highlighted Kipp Scott GMC Cadillac Buick located in Red Deer, Alberta. 

We had the opportunity to speak with The Kipp Scott GMC Cadillac Buick’s Marketing Department about their journey using Ackroo’s email marketing services! Here’s what they had to say: 

  1. Using 5 words or less, please describe Kip Scott GMC’s company values!

Respect and Honesty

  1. What do you and your staff like about Ackroo?

Our Staff really loves the easy use of the rewards program from how to present it to the customers to the features within the platform to keeping track of transactions and collection of data.

Scottsville Rewards

  1. In the digital age, companies are able to communicate with their customers through several mediums. Why did Kipp Scott GMC decide to use email marketing services to connect with their customers?Kipp Scott GMC Buick

We feel by putting select content into a once a month email gives the opportunity to the customer to not only keep track of their Rewards which in itself adds value to the customer wanting to open the email and that is key when asking ourselves, “What are we providing to our customer that gives them value?”

As a result we see that the emails generate traffic to our website indicating the customers do find interest in what we select for the monthly incentives.

Most popular are the vehicle sales offers but we do also include current Service and Parts promotions, of course we are always evaluating on a monthly basis to see if what we are doing works and we’re not afraid to try anything different. It’s an excellent tool to be able test various tactics so that we know we are keeping that value consistent to the customer. 

  1. Since email marketing allows your company to communicate with your entire customer-base, how does your company decide what content to promote (i.e. do you promote seasonal campaigns or monthly specials)?

We have found that just keeping the monthly specials to only Parts and Service didn’t yield as much results as it would if we put in a Vehicle sales offer. So with that said, we tend to:

  1.       Put one offer for each department.
  2.       We always keep our Parts and Service specials seasonal.
  3.       When choosing which vehicle promotion to feature we always go with what we have most in stock unless it’s a new vehicle in which case we will feature the latest exciting vehicle.
  4.       To provide value, we keep their balance located at the top of each email so it’s quick and easy for them to check.
  5.       We also inform them of how and where their Rewards Dollars can be used since we have other options beside our dealership where these Rewards dollars can be spent. Keeping the customer informed on things they may not realize helps them see there is a lot of value in shopping with our Group.


To learn more about Ackroo’s email marketing subscriptions, please visit: https://shop.ackroo.com/collections/email-marketing