We consider ourselves lucky to have such great clients and it’s important to show them the love too!

For October’s member spotlight, we want to highlight The Cheesecake Cafe, who has been with Ackroo since 2015. Over the years, their program has grown tremendously and they’ve become avid users of Ackroo’s email marketing services.

We caught up Bobbi Beeson, the President of Cheesecake Cafe, to ask a few questions about their experience with our platform and their thoughts on our email marketing services. Have a read below.


  1. Why did Cheesecake Cafe choose Ackroo?

The Cheesecake Cafe has a loyalty program called Great Rewards! that awards Loyalty Dollars for every dollar our guests spend.  Once the Great Rewards! member reaches a certain level of Loyalty Dollars, the dollars can be turned into a $25 to be used for purchasing food, drink and desserts.  

We started Great Rewards! well before loyalty programs were commonplace at various businesses, particularly restaurant businesses, as a way to connect to our most loyal guests outside the 4-walls of our restaurant and reward them for supporting our business.

We chose to work with Ackroo because they were best suited to help us manage our database, communicate easily with our Great Rewards! members and easily execute the program while trying to delivery a great dining experience for our guests.

Cheesecake Cafe

Sample of a Cheesecake Cafe email campaign.


  1. What do you and your staff like about Ackroo?

First and foremost we are a full-service restaurant trying to deliver the best experience for our guests.  Restaurants are fast-paced and require the equipment we use to keep up with us.  If our staff find any of our service steps lagging they not execute them out of frustration. 

In order for Great Rewards! to be a successful marketing program for our brand, it must be easy for the staff to administrate.  We found Ackroo’s loyalty and gift card system of awarding and redeeming points best to keep pace with our operations.  

  1. As avid users of email marketing, what are your thoughts on our email marketing services?

In the past with other administrators of Great Rewards!, we have been the driving force behind what Great Rewards! could potentially do for our guests to be a great program.  I was having to push the administrators to keep up with our vision.  

With Ackroo, I find they are the ones driving us to consider all new and exciting options for the program and I’m the one who has to keep up with them!


  1. We need to know: what’s your favourite part about our email marketing services? 

Currently, the restaurant industry is overwhelmed with keeping staff and guests safe while prioritizing what’s important to stay alive and moving forward.  It’s a relief to simply send a brief outline to Ackroo of the message(s) we wish to convey to our Great Rewards! members and they take care of it all.

Click here to learn more about the Great Rewards! program.