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Reach and exceed your business goals with Ackroo’s marketing services. Let our team of professionals help guide your gift card & loyalty program to success using our customized approach.
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Ackroo Marketing, print & product services

What we offer

Marketing Strategy Consulting

  • Upon program sign up, Ackroo will provide you with a FREE strategy session
  • Get and share industry best practices and ideas
  • Schedule communication and campaign plans for the year
  • Execute the various plans set out
  • Build quarterly reviews to assess progress and results
Ackroo Marketing Ideas

Work with Ackroo to build annual marketing plans.

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Email Marketing & Advanced Integrated Promos

Ackroo can help you:

  • Design content and messaging
  • Identify targeted databases
  • Configure any promos or campaigns
  • Send out the communication
  • Receive & relay customer responses
  • Provide detailed send reports

Advanced integrated emails & promos will allow you to:

  • Created time-based offers (use promo by “x time)
  • Trigger-based event promotions (perform “x”, get “x”)
  • Set up recurring automated emails (ex. annual customer birthday promos)
$379 per email*

$0.04 per recipient send

$99 per month (12-month contract)*

$0.04 per recipient send

up to 25,000 annual recipient sends

$1000 per month (12-month contract)*

Unlimited email sends

25,000+ recipient sends annually

*design & translation fees may apply

Ackroo Marketing Ideas

Engage lost customers and send account balance updates with customized email communications. Use customer data to trigger loyalty rewards communications to send to your rewards member or non-rewards member databases. Ackroo has a team of professional graphic design and marketing specialists who are capable of building single message emails to entire branded loyalty campaigns.

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Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail can help your business:

  • Increase customer return frequency
  • Retarget lost customers
  • Attract new customers
  • Increase the average transaction amount
  • Maximize specific product sales
  • Stand out from the competition
Ackroo Marketing Ideas

Reach new potential customers by sending custom direct mail promotions right to their doorstep. Ackroo will help design customized mail sent via Canada Post to select targeted postal code regions.

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case studies

Ackroo Automotive - Case Study

Direct Mail Success Story

Derrick Dodge saw a huge success with Ackroo by using our direct mail service. “We chose Ackroo for their Loyalty & Gift Card Programs as it was simple and easy to use.” They sold one car through these mailer services.

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Marketing Tool Kits

Try an industry starter kit to get you closer to your business goals.

Automotive Ackroo Marketing Kit


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Petroleum Ackroo Marketing Kit


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Hospitality Ackroo Marketing Kit


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Retail Ackroo Marketing Kit


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