The loyalty programs we offer our automotive clients are full circle, dealership-spanning plans. They’re designed to ensure your customers keep coming back to you throughout the lifetime of their vehicle and beyond, from purchase to service appointments to buying their next car.

It’s definitely worth it to have an automotive loyalty program. Dealerships see members 33% more than non-members; on average, for every 2 member visits, non-members only visit 1.5 times.

This post will explain how Ackroo’s automotive loyalty program works, and how getting your customers excited about it will also help seal the deal on their purchase!

automotive loyalty program dealership sales

Ackroo Automotive‘s loyalty program integrates seamlessly with DMS, automatically pulling customer information for your use, making the administration and process of enacting the program simple and hands-off.

All of the earning is done in the parts and service department. A rewards percentage is allotted depending on the amount the customer spends; your program might be set up to give members 15% “cash” back, which is split into 5% to use on future parts and service and 10% toward their next car. Think of it kind of like the Air Miles program, with different accounts for cash rewards and dream rewards.

Your customers are kept happy and returning by earning and redeeming for service, and after years of loyal business they can spend what they’ve earned in their sales account on their next vehicle at your dealership. It’s a win all around!

However, we understand that it’s not always easy to make the case for customers to return to your dealership for their service needs. The argument that your staff are experts in their vehicle model sometimes isn’t enough; customers will often prioritize location, price and convenience when choosing a service provider. So how do you make your service department irresistible? With a rewards program!

automotive loyalty program dealership parts and service technician

The experience of buying a car has changed in the age of the Internet. People are able to do plenty of research online before stepping foot into a dealership, so they are often very well informed and know exactly what they want. A loyalty program helps dealerships have an edge and strengthen the customer relationship in light of this modern buying landscape.

However, having a loyalty program means nurturing an emotional connection with your customers. It makes them feel as though they are part of an exclusive club, and reminds them of the one-of-a-kind retail experience that is shopping for a car through a dealership.

One-Shot Sell Lines You Can Use to Promote Your Loyalty Program:

  • Save money on all things to do with your new vehicle. It’s that simple!
  • Buying a car is likely the second-biggest purchase you’ll ever make, so it’s so important to take care of it. This is a program that literally helps you maintain your car!
  • You have to do your oil changes anyway — why not get rewarded for it?
  • This program is how we take care of you in the future. It helps you save up a safety net in case anything goes wrong. That’s literally money in your pocket!
  • Feel like a VIP — get your car serviced by technicians who are trained on your specific car, enjoy our lounge while you wait, and earn cash back on future tune-ups. You’re in the best hands and we love to show you how much you matter to us!

Our marketing department can also help you make the most of your loyalty program, such as sending out emails to your roster of customers to offer them promotional credits to their loyalty account and get them back into the dealership.

Rewards programs drive results. Get started with an Ackroo Automotive loyalty retention program today! Give our automotive specialists a shout.

automotive loyalty program dealership sales


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