In this day and age, everything is going digital and gift cards are no exception. In fact, this trend has led to the next evolution of gift card purchasing: eGift.

eGift is an online gift card shop that connects to a businesses website. Furthermore, it allows your customers to purchase, personalize and send electronic gift cards quickly and conveniently.

In fact, interest in eGift continues to grow. In 2018, 69% of millennials and 59% of smartphone users showed interest in giving digital gift cards1.

How does eGift work?

Setting up eGift is simple. First, a large or small business owner will launch their eGift program alongside their current plastic gift card program for small business.

Next, the eGift portal is created and a link is sent to the business owner to add to their website. Finally, customers can go to the portal to choose the gift card they’d like to send, the amount, and add a personalized message.

Next, the eGift card is sent to the lucky recipient by email. The recipient can choose to redeem it from their phone or in-store – it’s as simple as that!

eGift Portal

4 Benefits of Introducing eGift

1)   eGift is a simple, revenue generating, low cost solution

The first benefit of eGift is that it is a low cost addition to an existing gift card program. In fact, it allows businesses to reach an audience of digital users that they wouldn’t have had previous access to. Essentially, eGift doubles a businesses chances of someone purchasing a gift card from their establishment.

For example, Adam’s Grandmother wants to get him a gift card for his birthday to his favourite restaurant the Snack Shack, but she lives out of the province. His Grandmother can simply visit the restaurant’s website to buy an eGift card and email it directly to Adam for his birthday.

As a gift card program provider, Ackroo offers a simple eGift add on to our standard gift card program. The cost is minimal – only a low set up fee and nominal monthly fee.

In fact, the cost is so low, that after the purchase of one $25 eGift card in a month businesses have already made back the money they’ve spent that month in program fees.

In addition, offering eGift will help increase your revenue by providing a secondary method for customers to purchase gift cards from you.

2)   eGift is customizable for customers to add a personal touch

Offering eGift allows customers to send personalized digital cards.

For example, the eGift portal allows customers to choose from standard gift card designs. They also have the option to create a personalized gift card by adding photo of their choice.

In addition, customers also have the option to include a personalized message, so complete customization at their fingertips!

At the same time, business owners can provide themed card designs in the portal for their customers to choose from. In fact, themed gift cards are a great way to increase revenue throughout the year and make your business stand out from the competition.

3)   Collecting data

The third reason why eGift is beneficial is the useful data and customer insights the portal allows businesses to collect.

For instance eGift portals, like the one we offer at Ackroo, includes an extension that allows customers to register their cards and check their card balance.

Encouraging card registration means businesses can collect important data like customer name, email, birthday, etc.

Additionally, this information can then be used to create marketing initiatives, promotions and email communications that can be sent to the customer base. These initiatives are important to encourage customer loyalty and keep them coming back.

4)   eGift is convenient

A major reason why eGift is beneficial is the convenience for customers and for business owners. In fact, having an eGift portal means you have a gift card shop accessible online 24/7!

So, even if customers can’t make it to the store, or they live far away, they can easily hop on to a portal to purchase wherever they are in a matter of seconds.

For businesses, launching eGift is a quick and easy set up and requires minimal work. Once launched, Ackroo simply provides a link to business owners so that they can easily connect the portal to their main website.

In conclusion, eGift is beneficial for businesses of all types and sizes! In fact launching an eGift program brings businesses existing gift card program into the digital age.

If you have questions about launching plastic gift cards for small business or eGift programs contact us and one of our gift card program experts will be in touch!

1.      Blackhawk Network. The State of Consumer Gift Card Preferences in 2018. Accessed February 13 2019.