Ackroo offers a wide range of Custom Gift Card Distribution. With so many options to complement your business, you will be able to launch a complete gifting program with custom online and physical gift cards!


Digital Gift Card

The benefits of Custom Digital Gift Cards include no extra hardware needed since the cards work within your point-of-sale environment. You will have easy-to-use customer-facing applications for your customers via the website or mobile app. You can control all your program’s settings and data, as well as have an increased insight into customer spending to drive marketing & business initiatives. Maintain and enhance your brand image while increasing revenues and margins with custom gift card program sales!


Key features include:

  • A link for your website to have customers register, check, transfer and/or add to their balances online.
  • Carousel or designs delayed delivery, emailed and barcoded digital gift cards.
  • Easy to use, self-serve program console to track, measure, and administer your program.
  • Time-based promo options and gift card programs.


Physical Gift Card

Key features of Custom Physical Gift Cards include integration to your point-of-sale, a link for your website where customers can register, check, transfer, and/or add to their balances online, and the ability to customize gift card designs and get time-based promo options! With an easy-to-use, self-serve program console to track, measure, and administer your program, you will have on-demand reporting and analytics at your fingertips.


Benefits include:

  • Easy to use customer-facing application for customers via website or mobile app.
  • Control all your program settings and data.
  • Maintain and enhance your brand image with increased revenues and margins with gift card sales.


Gift Card Distribution

Attract new customers by getting your Custom Gift Cards in front of larger audiences. Increase revenues with upfront payment from vendors and experience increased brand sentiment by aligning your product at recognized and trusted retailers!


Key features:

  • Partner with popular in-store & online retailers.
  • Sell gift cards in bulk.
  • Offer special promotions.
  • Hangtag marketing opportunities on card backers.