Hi Ackroo Community!

Today’s update is about our Virtual Terminal (VT) “fund a unit” capability.  For those that are not familiar, our virtual terminal is a non-integrated portal every program admin can access to process gift card & loyalty transactions. The currency of the transaction in this case, is called “units” which refers to a specific item (ex. a carwash, or salad). We have updated the ability to add an expiry date to a unit. Here are the details:

This feature applies to all clients.

Ability to fund a “unit” via the VT that can expire on a desired date.

This function is only available on the Virtual Terminal and is not compatible with other terminals.

Available to use now!

This feature would come in handy if you wanted to run a BOGO campaign and you are issuing a coupon for a specific item.  We have also seen users fund units to something like a “seasons pass” for theme parks and museums that could expire at the end of a season.  If you are a resort or hotel you could fund “X” amount of free continental breakfasts for the duration of your customer’s stay etc.


Step 1: Log into your VT
Locate the customer with whom you’d like to fund a unit. You can search for your customer by:

  • Card Number
  • Name
  • Batch Number
  • Reference ID
  • Bin #
  • Phone Number


Step 2: Fund a unit
On your VT you have a button labelled “fund unit”. If this button is not showing, you can turn it on by heading to “admin” > “point of sale” > “menu profiles” > “add menu profiles”. You will also have to set up “categories” in your program console prior to this exercise. You can do so by heading to “admin” > “settings” > “unit” > “add unit”.






Click this button to proceed with funding a unit.


Step 3: Define your unit to be issued to the customer
1. Enter the # of units you wish to enter for the client (For example 5 units).






2. Choose a predefined category the unit would relate to.






3. Toggle to receive a receipt via email on/off.







4. Optional – Enter a description. (Ex. “Customer service gesture”)






5. Set an expiration date for the unit(s) to expire.






You will be shown a pop-up containing the transaction details. You can choose to print this if needed.









Lastly, you can view the balance of expirable units on the user’s card profile:








Like always, if you have any questions please email clientsuccess@ackroo.com.