Frequently asked questions

What makes Ackroo stand out from the competitors?2020-05-01T12:56:46-04:00

Ackroo is an amazing self serve one-stop-shop platform for all your merchant needs. We help merchants consolidate their reports and drive engagement using our custom suite of software tools. We are a product first, services company and are continuing to expand our breadth of offering across all things loyalty marketing, gift cards, and payments. We work hard to make your program a success in order to make a difference to your bottom line. Your success is our business.

What is it like to work at Ackroo?2020-05-01T12:56:22-04:00

We often get asked about the “culture” at Ackroo. We pride ourselves on a work-hard, play-hard environment. Ackroo has created a strong work ethic, so be assured we care about our clients and their success. That being said, the “Kroo” get along very well and often host events to spend time (outside of working hours) together. Special interests include; cross-fit, music, adventure travel, and happy hours. If this sounds like a team you’d like to be a part of, check out our Careers page or contact us to get involved.

Where is Ackroo HQ?2020-05-01T12:55:21-04:00

Ackroo is a Canadian company headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario. We service businesses all over North America. No matter where you live we can talk about getting you set up on a program. Contact us and let’s explore working together!

How many employees work for Ackroo?2020-05-01T12:54:29-04:00

Ackroo currently has 28 employees. We are always on the hunt for new people to add to our team. See our Careers page for all job opportunities.

When a customer buys an eGift card where does the money go?2020-05-01T12:53:21-04:00

You, the merchant, have complete control over your funds. Ackroo manages your program data. See our Gift Card Programs page for more details.

What type of loyalty program do you offer?2020-05-01T12:52:09-04:00

We offer all types of customer loyalty programs. Our most popular loyalty programs are closed-loop and currency point-based. See our Loyalty Program page for more details.

What types of marketing do you offer?2020-07-01T17:24:35-04:00

The success of your business is our business. We will work with you to determine the best marketing method to reach your program & business goals. We have many solutions from email marketing campaigns to direct mailers and point of purchase displays. See our Marketing, Print & Product page for more details.

Do you distribute gift cards to retailers?2020-05-01T12:50:01-04:00

Yes! We work with trusted partners Costco Wholesale and Blackhawk Network to get your cards in front of larger audiences. See our Distribution page for more details.

Do you print plastic gift cards?2020-05-01T12:49:19-04:00

Yes! We have a professional team of design and marketing experts who work with you to create the gift card of your dreams. The sky (and your pocketbook) are the limits when dreaming up the visual presentation of your custom gift and loyalty cards. See our Gift Cards Program page for more details.

Ackroo Automotive FAQs

Why should I choose you over the competition?2020-06-18T09:42:31-04:00

We are specialists in the Automotive loyalty industry. We provide competitive pricing and customized marketing programs to suit your dealership’s needs. We are a product-first services company and are continuing to expand our breadth of offering across all things loyalty marketing, gift cards, and payments.

Do you offer SMS messaging services?2020-04-30T13:17:32-04:00

Not currently, however, we are working on improving our marketing services offerings and this function will be available in the very near future.

You’re not integrated with my DMS, can I still use Ackroo?2020-04-30T13:16:54-04:00

Yes. We have options for those who are not integrated. One of our automotive experts can walk you through the process.

Who are we integrated with?2020-04-30T13:16:24-04:00

CDK Global • PBS • Serti • Costar • Many via Authenticom including Reynold & Reynolds, Quorum and many more • First Data/ Fiserv/ Clover • Global Payments • Elavon/Poynt • Chase Paymentech • And growing…

How much does it cost?2020-04-30T13:14:49-04:00

Our automotive programs start at $500 per store, plus any required collateral and POP material. Once set up the pricing varies approximately $100-$500 a month pending on the # of departments (sales, service, F&I, corporate, etc.), whether DMS integration is needed or not, or if any custom features are required.

Ackroo Petroleum FAQs

Why should I choose you over the competition?2020-04-30T11:12:43-04:00

You should choose Ackroo because we are constantly enhancing our solutions, integrations, and team. We are a preferred partner of industry big hitters; Bulloch and Infonet. We have built a great roster of petroleum clients we are very proud of and we understand the industry. We are a product first, services company and are continuing to expand our breadth of offering across all things loyalty marketing, gift cards, and payments.

Do you offer SKU-based loyalty?2020-06-26T14:19:22-04:00

Yes, we do if you are utilizing Bulloch or Infonet.

You are not currently integrated with my system. Can I still use Ackroo?2020-06-26T14:20:27-04:00

Yes! We have 2 stand-alone options: 1) stand-alone terminal 2) Ackroo Virtual Terminal. We can also run our loyalty and gift card programs through First Data, Global Payments, and Chase Paymentech.

Who are you integrated with?2020-04-30T11:11:47-04:00

We are currently integrated with Bulloch Technologies, Infonet, and Global Payments Rigger.

Ackroo Hospitality FAQs

You are not integrated with my POS. Can I still use Ackroo?2020-05-07T09:57:52-04:00

Yes. We have 2 stand-alone options: 1) stand-alone terminal 2) Ackroo Virtual Terminal. We also have the ability to integrate into mixed environments and to integrate into any POS. We would love to find out who you are using!

Why should I choose Ackroo over the competitors?2020-05-07T09:56:40-04:00

Ackroo is an amazing self serve one-stop-shop platform for all your merchant needs. We help hospitality merchants consolidate their reports and drive engagement using our custom suite of software tools. We are a product first, services company and are continuing to expand our breadth of offering across all things loyalty marketing, gift cards and payments. We work hard to make your program a success in order to make a difference to your bottom line.

Is there a way to capture customer information?2020-05-07T09:56:12-04:00

Yes! Telling your customers to register their cards is the first step towards building up your customer database to enable direct marketing.

Can we sell gift cards online?2020-05-07T09:55:41-04:00

Yes! We have a tried and tested digital gift card program to get you set up and selling gift cards online.

How much does it cost?2020-08-10T09:40:34-04:00

Our plans start as low as $35/month + set up. See our pricing page for more information.

Do you integrate with my POS?2020-05-07T09:54:00-04:00

We have integrations with many retail POS systems including: Volante • Maitre D • Universal POS • Quickservice POS • Micros RES • Volante • Datacap middleware for gift card and promo only • Clover • Tetra • Hippos POS • Poynt (Q2 2020) • Squirrel (Q2 2020) • Vend (in Q2 2020) • Lightspeed POS • Shopify

Can you take over my current gift card program?2020-05-07T09:52:30-04:00

In most cases, yes! Let us know who your current provider is and we can take it from there.

Loyalty Programs FAQs

What makes your program unique?2020-10-14T16:28:02-04:00

The Ackroo Anywhere loyalty program dashboard gives you access to detailed customer profiles. This will help you gather insights to identify marketing and promotional opportunities to help grow your business.

We are passionate about the success of our clients. Our team is dedicated to determining where we can offer value and we take great pride in working towards the goals that matter most to your business. With an amazing in-house team of marketing and design professionals, Ackroo is ready to help make your brand come alive. Ackroo is truly a one-stop integrated shop for all merchant related loyalty, gift cards & payment needs.

Why do I need a loyalty program?2020-05-01T12:38:48-04:00

Loyalty programs create an emotional connection with your brand. Customers in a loyalty program are far more likely to increase their spending, return more often, and advocate on your behalf. In a competitive market, customized loyalty programs help you stand out, realize new opportunities, and drive insight that will push you towards your business goals.

How long does it take to get set up?2020-05-01T12:38:25-04:00

Once you’ve made the decision to start a loyalty program we can have you up and running in as little as 2-3 business days. Our team of designers will work with you to create your custom branded portal, so the sooner you supply your artwork, the sooner your portal will be built out.

How do customers check their balances?2020-08-11T14:09:37-04:00

Ackroo provides you with a custom-branded portal for customers to register their loyalty cards and check balances.

Can customers earn/burn loyalty across all my locations?2020-05-01T12:37:41-04:00

Yes! Your customers can earn and redeem loyalty points and dollars across multi-locations.

How much does it cost?2022-11-21T15:09:48-04:00

Our loyalty programs start at $125/month. See our pricing page for more details.

Gift Card Programs FAQs

Can customers reload a digital gift card?2020-05-01T01:30:02-04:00

Yes, the Ackroo digital gift card program allows for reloads.

Can my customers customize the $ amount of a gift card purchase?2020-05-01T01:29:55-04:00

We will work with you to create common denominations to offer eGift card purchase thresholds. If you require a custom amount we can accommodate.

Can I change my eGift card art?2020-05-01T01:30:33-04:00

Yes! You can change it as often as you’d like. You can submit your original card art to us or have one of our talented graphic designers work with you to create a fresh image.

How do I get the funds after a customer makes an eGift card purchase?2020-05-01T01:25:43-04:00

You will set up a payment gateway (we partner with PayPal & Bambora) where your funds will be automatically directly deposited into your bank account. Ackroo does not hold any funds in a digital wallet.

Can customers redeem their gift cards online?2020-08-11T14:06:03-04:00

Customers can currently purchase eGifts online and redeem them in-store. Online redemption may be available; please inquire for more details.

How do customers check their balances?2020-05-01T01:24:51-04:00

Customers are able to check their balances online in the custom branded portal we create for your store. This portal will live on your website if you have one or as a standalone page to allow customers to access to register their cards and check their balances. This is where you will collect customer data to manage your gift card program.

Why should I choose Ackroo over the competitors?2020-08-11T14:06:51-04:00

Ackroo is an amazing self serve one-stop-shop platform for all your merchant needs. We help merchants consolidate their reports and drive engagement using our custom suite of software tools. We are a product first services company and are continuing to expand our breadth of offering across all things loyalty marketing, gift cards, and payments. We work hard to make your program a success to make a difference to your bottom line.

How do I let my customers know I have gift cards?2020-05-26T15:01:32-04:00

Use Ackroo’s marketing services to help get the word out about your new gift card program! We offer in-store display options including posters & brochures, customized emails, and direct mail to incentivize customers to “buy into” your gift card program. Explore our marketing SHOP to see what we have to offer!

What file type should my card art and logo be?2020-08-11T14:03:13-04:00

You can send us images that are .jpegs, .png, .ai or .pdf. We prefer logos as .png or .eps. We have talented graphic designers on staff who can take anything and make it work, however the better quality up front, the better quality at the end.

What types of finishes can you provide for your gift cards?2020-08-11T14:00:28-04:00

The sky’s the limit! Options include:

  • Matte, gloss or pearl finish
  • Full-colour front and back
  • Spot UV
  • Metal or plastic
  • … and many more options! Tell us about your vision and we’ll do our best to make it a reality.
Can my gift card perform double duty as both a gift & loyalty card in one?2020-08-11T14:04:55-04:00

It sure can! Don’t let your customers throw those gift cards away! Repurpose them as your customer loyalty cards. We can design a card image that will let customers know it is a gift & loyalty card! If you’d prefer to keep your programs separate, we can do that too.

I only need card envelopes or card sleeves. Can I order those separately?2020-05-01T01:19:59-04:00

Yes, we sell card envelopes and card backers separate from gift cards.

Do you sell Gift card sleeves or card backers?2020-05-01T01:19:29-04:00

Yes! We have many options for card envelopes and card backers that can be custom designed if necessary.

Does it cost extra to have a barcoded card?2020-05-01T01:18:58-04:00

No. There is no extra cost for adding a barcode to your card.

How long will it take to receive my gift cards?2020-08-11T14:08:33-04:00

The sooner we get your art and design approval, the sooner you will receive your cards. Standard turnaround time 1-2 weeks + shipping. Any non-standard or custom orders you can expect a 4-6 week turn around + shipping.

Can I see my gift card before I commit?2020-05-01T01:17:51-04:00

Yes.  We always offer digital proofs and can provide samples if needed before final production.

What is the minimum amount of cards I can order?2020-08-11T14:01:11-04:00

Minimum plastic card orders consist of  250 cards.  We are able to print lower quantities on a case-by-case basis.

Can I create special cards for specific retailers?2020-04-30T23:40:50-04:00

Yes! Our team of talented design & marketing specialists will help create the perfect card for this opportunity.

Will I get into every Costco Wholesale store across Canada?2020-04-30T23:40:24-04:00

Most likely no. Our clients tend to get accepted into regional locations. All contracts are specialized to the client.

How hard is it to get into Costco?2020-04-30T23:39:52-04:00

We have strong relationships with Costco Wholesalers across Canada and work very hard to get our clients into their stores. Having us on your side will help get the conversation started.

How does it work?2020-04-30T23:39:23-04:00
  • Get approved by an Ackroo in-store/online distribution partner
  • Agree to a commission for the partner to receive
  • If applicable agree to a discount for customers to receive
  • Add a reporting location in Ackroo to track
  • Order cards & collateral through Ackroo
  • Reconcile with the retailers based on sales

Business Intelligence FAQs

Can I access the data on my phone?2020-05-01T12:42:44-04:00

Yes! Your reports are cloud-based and are accessible on multiple devices.

How often does the data update?2020-05-01T12:42:21-04:00

Depending on your program your data updates in real-time. You are in control of running your own reports.

Who builds the custom report dashboards?2020-05-01T12:41:59-04:00

Our team of developers will work with you to build out exactly what you need. You are able to mash up and manipulate your own data once your dashboard is built.

How many people have access to my reports?2020-05-01T12:41:37-04:00

As many as you’d like. You set the access levels to your program.

How will this impact my bottom line?2020-05-01T12:41:13-04:00

Our BI program is billed monthly and allows for powerful marketing capabilities. Having advanced analytics will help you reach your business targets and open new possibilities you may have been missing. Knowledge equals power and in this case, your knowledge will lead you to better-informed business decisions whether that is increasing your revenue or maximizing cost saving.

What types of data insights can I find?2020-05-01T12:40:48-04:00

The possibilities are endless depending on the information you have in your database. Many customers are using our custom performance dashboards to keep track of all aspects of their daily activity including; understanding of their company’s buying cycle, drilling down into specific locations and brands and optimizing sales performance throughout the day-week-month, monitoring the company’s profits and sales, campaigns’ performance, and other critical business processes.

How do I get started?2020-05-01T12:40:24-04:00

Contact our customer success team and we’ll help you get the ball rolling. Our team will work with you to set up the custom reports you require and automate any reports you require to be sent to your inbox.

Custom Mobile Apps FAQs

Can I make edits to my app once it goes live on the app store?2020-05-01T12:44:34-04:00

Unfortunately no. We will work closely with you to make sure your app is perfect before it goes live. We are unable to edit your app once it is live.

Will I be able to try my app before it goes live?2020-05-01T12:44:11-04:00

Yes, you can try your app out before it goes live. Our client care team will work with you to ensure it looks exactly the way you need it to before it goes live to the app stores.

Are you integrated with Bulloch POS?2020-05-01T12:43:50-04:00

At this point in time, we are currently not integrated with Bulloch POS. We are however integrated with many POS systems. If you use Bulloch or want to discuss your POS provider please contact us.

Do you submit to the app store?2020-05-01T12:43:24-04:00

Yes. We submit to both the Apple App Store and the Google Play App store on your behalf.

Custom Loans & Fleet FAQs

Can the terminal be hard-wired and wireless?2020-05-01T12:47:10-04:00

Yes! We can get you set up on both a wired and wireless terminal.

What hardware is required?2020-05-01T12:46:47-04:00

You will need to have Global Payments Tetra set up to use our fleet program. Don’t have it? We can help get you set up. Contact us to get started.

How much does it cost?2020-05-01T12:46:24-04:00

Our customized fleet programs start at $200 per month, per location. Contact us to learn more about our pricing and options.

Who creates the physical cards for the program?2020-05-01T12:46:02-04:00

Ackroo does! We have a team of graphic design and marketing specialists that will work with you to create a team card for your program. Once you receive your cards you can then personalize them with an embosser.

Who bills the clients?2020-05-01T12:45:38-04:00

You do. We offer the tools, you bill the client. You can offer clients a “bill me later” option.

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