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To get your program started, our team will design & create a complementary custom-branded email template.

Provide us with the content & we’ll take care of the rest.

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Simple, easy to understand pricing

Pay-As-You-Go Single Send

$379per email send
  • + $0.04 per send
  • No contract

Premium Annual Subscription

  • + $0.04 per email send
  • Up to 25,000 annual recipient sends

Enterprise Annual Subscription

  • Unlimited email sends
  • 25,000+ recipient sends annually

Real-Time Campaign Analytics

Customer data at your fingertips

We’ve made it easy to see the results from your sent campaigns to immediately calculate your ROI.
Use your program console to manage data, plan promotions & track your results, all in one place!

Communication Ideas

ackroo email marketing suggestion

Let your customers know the details of how they can order from you right now.

ackroo email marketing suggestion

Send a gentle reminder about your gift cards, and show them how they can buy one. Perhaps include a promo offer – buy $50, get an extra $5!

ackroo email marketing suggestion

Maybe you’re coming up with some new menu items, painting / remodeling the store, or launching e-gift!

ackroo email marketing suggestion

If and when you know your re-opening date, email is a great way to inform everyone and let them know how excited you are to see them again. Maybe tease a special re-opening offer!

ackroo email marketing suggestion

Take the opportunity to say thank you to special people who have helped your business out during this time. Or, thank your customers for their support!

  • Design content and messaging
  • Identify targeted databases
  • Configure any promos or campaigns
  • Send out the communication
  • Receive & relay customer responses
  • Provide detailed send reports
  • Created time-based offers (use promo by “x time)
  • Trigger-based event promotions (perform “x”, get “x”)
  • Set up recurring automated emails (ex. annual customer birthday promos)

Ackroo Customer Email Examples

Guide customer spending according to your business objectives

Gathering customer data is critical to being successful in your marketing efforts.

Use data to trigger loyalty rewards communications aimed towards your member or non-rewards member databases. Ackroo provides a secure customer card registration process, making it easy for you to communicate with your customers about special news & promotions.

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