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Sell your gift cards online and increase your revenue with Ackroo’s


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Run promotions & sell more eGift cards

Allow customers to share your brand by giving them more ways to shop with you!

Go digital!

Allow your customers to support & shop with you online 24/7.

Already have eGift card programs? No problem, we’ll migrate your data quickly & easily!

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Can customers reload a digital gift card?2020-05-01T01:30:02-04:00

Yes, the Ackroo digital gift card program allows for reloads.

Can my customers customize the $ amount of a gift card purchase?2020-05-01T01:29:55-04:00

We will work with you to create common denominations to offer eGift card purchase thresholds. If you require a custom amount we can accommodate.

Can I change my eGift card art?2020-05-01T01:30:33-04:00

Yes! You can change it as often as you’d like. You can submit your original card art to us or have one of our talented graphic designers work with you to create a fresh image.

How do I get the funds after a customer makes an eGift card purchase?2020-05-01T01:25:43-04:00

You will set up a payment gateway (we partner with PayPal & Bambora) where your funds will be automatically directly deposited into your bank account. Ackroo does not hold any funds in a digital wallet.

Can customers redeem their gift cards online?2020-08-11T14:06:03-04:00

Customers can currently purchase eGifts online and redeem them in-store. Online redemption may be available; please inquire for more details.

How do customers check their balances?2020-05-01T01:24:51-04:00

Customers are able to check their balances online in the custom branded portal we create for your store. This portal will live on your website if you have one or as a standalone page to allow customers to access to register their cards and check their balances. This is where you will collect customer data to manage your gift card program.

Simple, easy to understand pricing

$35/month – unlimited transactions!

Setup costs are extra & custom eCard design fees may apply

Add to your existing website or create a stand-alone page hosted by Ackroo

  • Integration to your point-of-sale
  • Link for your website to have customers register, check, transfer and/or add to their balances online
  • Easy to use, self-serve program console to track, measure & administer your program
  • On-demand reporting & analytics
  • Carousel of designs, delayed delivery, emailed and barcoded digital gift cards
  • Time-based promo options ( buy $50 gift card get $10 promo) and more…
  • No extra hardware needed.  Works within your POS environment
  • Easy to use customer-facing application for your customers via your website and/or mobile app
  • Control of all of your program settings and data
  • Increased insight into customer spending to drive marketing & business initiatives
  • Maintain and enhance your brand image
  • Supports brick and mortar and online businesses
  • Increase revenues and margins with gift card sales

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Guide customer spending according to your business objectives

Gathering customer data is critical to being successful in your marketing efforts.
Ackroo provides a secure customer card registration process, making it easy for you to communicate with your customers about special news & promotions.

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Customer Data Dashboard

Customer data at your fingertips

It’s easy for customers to register their eGift Cards.
Doing so turns your program into a mini marketing machine.
Use your program console to manage data, plan promotions & track your results, all in one place!

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One-stop shop
(reporting & analytics)

We make it easy to manage your eGift programs all in one place.
You’ll be given a unique Ackroo Anywhere console that is all yours to manage.

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