Distribution Services

We can help get your business in front of larger audiences. Leverage Ackroo’s distribution channels to increase revenues through more gift card sales.

key features

  • Partner with popular in-store & online retailers
  • Sell gift cards in bulk
  • Offer special promotions
  • Hangtag marketing opportunities on card backers


  • Attract new customers by getting your gift cards in front of larger audiences
  • Increase revenues with upfront payment from vendors
  • Experience increased brand sentiment by aligning your product at recognized and trusted retailers


Can I create special cards for specific retailers?2020-04-30T23:40:50-04:00

Yes! Our team of talented design & marketing specialists will help create the perfect card for this opportunity.

Will I get into every Costco Wholesale store across Canada?2020-04-30T23:40:24-04:00

Most likely no. Our clients tend to get accepted into regional locations. All contracts are specialized to the client.

How hard is it to get into Costco?2020-04-30T23:39:52-04:00

We have strong relationships with Costco Wholesalers across Canada and work very hard to get our clients into their stores. Having us on your side will help get the conversation started.

How does it work?2020-04-30T23:39:23-04:00
  • Get approved by an Ackroo in-store/online distribution partner
  • Agree to a commission for the partner to receive
  • If applicable agree to a discount for customers to receive
  • Add a reporting location in Ackroo to track
  • Order cards & collateral through Ackroo
  • Reconcile with the retailers based on sales