Hello Ackroo Community!

Today we will explore a new tile in your dashboard called Membership Status.  You may not have given much thought to it in the past, but this data point can unlock significant improvement in your marketing efforts if monitored effectively. Let’s dive in.


This tile is available to all Ackroo clients.


We have added a tile in your dashboard that displays how many registered cardholders you have vs. how many cards you have that are not registered to an individual.

So What?

Having registered cardholders means you have access to learn more about your business and your customers.  You can pair this data with our new Marketing hub communications tool to send highly personalized and targeted offers to your customers.


This tile is visible in your AA Program Console > Dashboard > Overview














This information is available now and you can view it 24/7.  The data displayed will be refreshed every 24 hours.


We added this data point quick view to give your business a pulse on how effective you are at steering customer behavior.  The idea is that you want cardholders to register their cards, whether it be gift cards or loyalty cards so that you are able to create a relationship with them and use their purchase habits to serve them personalized communications and offers.

The more you see the registered column climb, the better.  Aim to outgrow your unregistered column!


There are many ways to approach customer registration. You could try the following:

  • Create an opt-in drive.  Read more about it here: //ackroo.com/how-opt-in-drives-help-collect-more-customer-data/
  • Educate your employees. Make sure your employees know the value of asking every customer to register their card.  It is critical for business survival that your front-line workers know what your program does and why it is important.  If you require refresher training, please reach out to your client success representative. Be sure to make it fun for your employees.  Perhaps host an internal contest to see if they can get anyone to register their card while in your store!
  • Provide a point of purchase display materials to educate your customers passively. Ackroo provides access to printed material for your business.  It’s as simple as having “best practices for gift cards & loyalty cards” printed and in a space your customers can read.
  • Add behaviour steering language to your physical cards. Did you know you are able to change the language on the back of your cards? Reach out to your client success manager to learn more!

You can access reporting for opted-in registered cardholders by navigating to your AA Program Console > Reporting > Reports > Card Holder Reports > Configure.













As always, if you require any further guidance or have questions, please reach out to clientsuccess@ackroo.com.