Hello Ackroo community,

Today’s update is the first of many relating to dashboard improvements. Our team has been working hard to bring more program insights to you to make better business decisions.  We have developed an eGift dashboard view that looks at your eGift program in more detail. Today you’ll see the first version of our newly developed eGift “overview” page.  Let’s dive in.


All programs have access to this dashboard. To see statistics, you must have set up your eGift payment gateway.  eGift is a component of every Gift Card & Loyalty program,  so if you aren’t using it, contact your client success manager to help you get started. Without having a connection to an e-commerce payment gateway, you won’t see any information in the charts.


We have developed a new dashboard that shows eGift-specific data sets.  These data sets are:

  • # of cards funded
  • total $ of funded cards
  • avg $ of funded cards
  • # of cards redeemed
  • total $ of cards redeemed
  • avg $ amount of cards redeemed

You can view these data sets by date (day, week, month) and compare dates over time.  You can also export a report to view the customers who make up these data sets.















Disclaimer: there are instances where an eGift card could be reloaded in-store. These instances are pooled in this data (and our gift card statistics) as we are currently unable to define them as solely eGift.  Please consider that when viewing this data. Should you need to verify these reports, please reach out to your client success manager, clientsucccess@ackroo.com.


Ackroo Console (AA Program Console) > Dashboard (or “view performance”)
















Your program data is updated daily. You will see a date stamp in the top right corner that shows the last data update. This dashboard view is accessible 24/7.


We want to equip you better to make decisions that will drive outcomes that will improve the performance of your program.  Starting with the basic data you collect related to funding and redeeming eGift cards, you can use this data to understand how your eGift component performs over time.  If your progress has dipped, we encourage a conversation with your client success manager to try a new tactic to increase engagement.  Having a quick view of this data saves time from generating reports manually and gives a quick snapshot of program progress.


  1. Open AA Program Console & Open your “dashboard” or “view performance.”















2. Navigate to the eGift Overview tab















3. Your view begins with “all-time” statistics. If you’d like to change the date, click >select dates.















4. Click the top section to enter your first date. To compare dates, click the second date and enter a value. To clear dates, click > reset.












#1. Click here first to set the first date range

#2. Choose first desired date. You can a;so click anywhere on the calendar to achieve this.

#3. Click here to set a secondary date range. This step is optional and used to compare date ranges.

#4. Click on the second date range you want to compare to the first date range.













You will see the data change immediately based on the date range.  When comparing date ranges, you will notice a % (increase or decrease) comparing the two date ranges selected.  In this example we are looking at “this week vs. last week. We funded 18% more $’s last week than this week. Last week more redemption transactions were process vs. this week.

Please note: This data can change because this data set was pulled before the end of the week (Friday), but if you pulled it on a Sunday you would see different numbers.


5. If you want to export the data set showing, enter your email and click > email report.















You will see a confirmation prompt that the .csv file is being generated and sent to email address you entered.















6. You’ll receive an email that looks like this.












You can use this information to send communications to your customers. For example, if you wanted to make someone feel like a VIP, you could target all clients who made a purchase last week over $X amount and tell them you will load a few extra $’s just to say thank you.  Or just say a personal thank you. Leave a lasting impression and make them feel special.

If you have any questions or need help with data, please reach out to clientsuccess@ackroo.com.