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We are helping businesses of all sizes grow their customer base while increasing revenues & frequency of visits with customer loyalty program software.

Our Case Studies

Cash-Back Loyalty: A Thing of Beauty

Espace Skins Montréal is a medical aesthetics clinic offering various treatments and services, as well as a selection of the best cosmeceuticals, skin care and beauty products and accessories. The clinic was looking for a reliable, consistent way to give back to their returning customers.

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Adaptability, Loyalty, and Great Coffee

 For over 30 years, BC-based warehouse roastery Bean Around the World has roasted coffee for a multitude of retail locations. 21 of their branded cafés are using the Ackroo gift & loyalty program. 

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Loyal Customers Love Filling Up Local

Located on Hiawatha First Nation, The Old Railroad Stop comprises a gas station, convenience store, gift shop and restaurant. They pride themselves on their family-friendly, personable approach for travelers and community members alike.

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Ackroo Petroleum Industry - Case Study

Road to Revenue with Ackroo

In 1972 Mr. Gas Limited was among the first independent gasoline retail companies to compete in the Ottawa market. Mr. Gas Limited was established by Louis Philippe Gagnon and his two sons, Andre and Phil. Up to this time the Ottawa market had been dominated by major oil companies and their off-brand marketers.

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Ackroo Automotive - Case Study

Direct Mail Success Story

Derrick Dodge saw a huge success with Ackroo by using our direct mail service. “We chose Ackroo for their Loyalty & Gift Card Programs as it was simple and easy to use.” They sold one car through these mailer services.

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Streamlined Payment with AckrooPAY

Auto Motion began looking for ways to reduce costs and started to evaluate their payment processing services. After learning they could save 50% on all transaction fees with AckrooPAY, the switch was a no-brainer.

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Frequently asked questions

When a customer buys an eGift card where does the money go?2020-05-01T12:53:21-04:00

You, the merchant, have complete control over your funds. Ackroo manages your program data. See our Gift Card Programs page for more details.

What type of loyalty program do you offer?2020-05-01T12:52:09-04:00

We offer all types of customer loyalty programs. Our most popular loyalty programs are closed-loop and currency point-based. See our Loyalty Program page for more details.

What types of marketing do you offer?2020-07-01T17:24:35-04:00

The success of your business is our business. We will work with you to determine the best marketing method to reach your program & business goals. We have many solutions from email marketing campaigns to direct mailers and point of purchase displays. See our Marketing, Print & Product page for more details.

Do you distribute gift cards to retailers?2020-05-01T12:50:01-04:00

Yes! We work with trusted partners Costco Wholesale and Blackhawk Network to get your cards in front of larger audiences. See our Distribution page for more details.

Do you print plastic gift cards?2020-05-01T12:49:19-04:00

Yes! We have a professional team of design and marketing experts who work with you to create the gift card of your dreams. The sky (and your pocketbook) are the limits when dreaming up the visual presentation of your custom gift and loyalty cards. See our Gift Cards Program page for more details.

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