Customer loyalty programs are a great way to help boost holiday themed promotions. So how can you utilize your loyalty program this Valentine’s Day?

The day of love is right around the corner so we want to make sure you’re ready with these 5 promotions that are easy to implement.


  1. Sharing is Caring with a Promotion

Encourage customers to increase their total spend by offering “buy one get one” promotions. It’s simple to implement with different customer loyalty programs.

For example, if a customer who is part of your loyalty program is purchasing one coffee (whether it be in-store or through an app) encourage them to add on a second coffee for their loved one at 50% off!

Additionally, make sure to advertise this promotion through an email marketing campaign or via social before the big day. That way, customers can plan ahead on where they choose to get their Valentine’s Day morning coffee. 

A BOGO promotion is a great option, but not the only option! Target customers with specific promotions. For example, Crave Cupcakes highlighted Galentine’s Day!

2. Reach Out To Those Customers You Miss

Depending on the COVID-19 restrictions in your area, it’s possible that consumers who are part of customer loyalty programs have been less active. Send a “We Miss You” promotion to the inactive customers, to light the fire back into your relationship. 

This type of promotion is easy to do in your loyalty program. Simply pull a report from your program dashboard to see which customers have been inactive for the time period of your choice. 

Then, send an email off to those customers with an offer to use with their loyalty card. The offer can be a free pastry or add extra rewards in their account for their next purchase.


3.  Add Some Love With Digital Gift Cards

Do you have an eGift program? Get creative with your digital gift cards for Valentine’s Day.

Offer a Valentine’s Day themed eGift card that your customers can choose, when sending a gift card from afar. Plus, you can recognize those that are not so “lovey” about Valentine’s Day, with an anti-Valentines themed card. 

Additionally, offer promo cards through your eGift program. For example, when a customer purchases a $25 gift card from February 14th to February 22nd, they receive a $5 bonus card. This promotion is not only for customers part of  loyalty programs, but it targets all customers.

Get creative with your digital gift card options for Valentine’s Day


4. Offer Double Rewards on Valentine’s Day Items

Do you have a special red velvet latte that you sell on Valentine’s Day? Or perhaps your business sells candles, wine, or chocolate? Whatever Valentine’s Day themed item may be, offer double the rewards on their purchase!

This promotion works to your advantage in multiple ways. First, your customers are happy because they are earning double the rewards points. 

Second, you are encouraging the clearing of the holiday-themed inventory to make room for new inventory. 

Third, this promotion is an easy way to encourage new loyalty program sign ups. 

Is your business not specifically targeted towards Valentine’s Day items? That’s okay! You can implement this promotion with any item of your choice. 


5. The More the Merrier – Target New Loyalty Customers

Show some love to ALL your customers by offering a promotion to encourage loyalty program sign ups.

First, remind your customers that signing up for your loyalty program is free! And then, if they sign up on Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day PLUS the week proceeding, they get double the rewards on their next purchase!