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Custom Fleet Mgmt

Stand out from the competition and increase your revenue by attracting fleet operations to your petrol station(s). Offer team style rewards, special pricing and custom member rewards programs for your fleet customers.

key features & benefits

for merchants

  • Provide your best customers with “team cards” where when used discounts and billing go to one master account (like a credit card)
  • Leverage a custom program console for reporting and insight
  • Automated billing to customers on a monthly basis
  • Integration with Global Payments Tetra devices for ease of use processing
  • Capture data like a license plate, odometer and more at the point of sale
  • Credit controls and more

for merchant clients

  • Easy to use cards (and soon mobile app) to process transactions
  • Detailed billing for reconciliation purposes
  • Custom discount and billing options
  • Improved expense management and more

our clients

our partners

Frequently asked questions

Can the terminal be hard-wired and wireless?2020-05-01T12:47:10-04:00

Yes! We can get you set up on both a wired and wireless terminal.

What hardware is required?2020-05-01T12:46:47-04:00

You will need to have Global Payments Tetra set up to use our fleet program. Don’t have it? We can help get you set up. Contact us to get started.

How much does it cost?2020-05-01T12:46:24-04:00

Our customized fleet programs start at $200 per month, per location. Contact us to learn more about our pricing and options.

Who creates the physical cards for the program?2020-05-01T12:46:02-04:00

Ackroo does! We have a team of graphic design and marketing specialists that will work with you to create a team card for your program. Once you receive your cards you can then personalize them with an embosser.

Who bills the clients?2020-05-01T12:45:38-04:00

You do. We offer the tools, you bill the client. You can offer clients a “bill me later” option.

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