Hi Ackroo Community,

We just released a feature that we think will be very helpful and speed up transactions at checkout.  Introducing Bulk Gift Card Funding via Clover. When you have a lineup of customers and one of them needs to purchase multiple gift cards, no longer will it take the clerk precious time and delay others from a quick checkout experience.  We’ve added this feature so that the clerk can easily add many gift cards in a single transaction, cutting down on processing time.  Now that will keep the line moving!

The Details

Who: Clover device users

What: Clerks can swipe and load multiple gift cards with the same $value in a single transaction using the Clover device at checkout.

Where: Available on all Ackroo-supported Clover devices.

When: Available now.

Why: Before this update, clerks would have to swipe and load one card at a time which caused delays in customer check-out efficiency. This was a particular frustration for clients in the QSR category.

Use Case: Realtors tend to buy gift cards in bulk for their clients.  Corporate gifting orders are also popular.

How: Follow this brief video.



If you have any questions, please reach out to support@ackroo.com.