5 Types of Loyalty Programs For Your Business To Try

2022-12-21T12:03:35-04:00December 20th, 2022|Blog, Gift Card & Loyalty Programs, Loyalty Campaign, Marketing Ideas, Rewards Program|

There are many different types of loyalty programs. Choosing the right one for your business can: 1. Improve customer retention 2. Attract new consumers 3. Lead to repeat purchases. In fact, 62% of people are more likely to spend more on a brand after subscribing, and 59% say that they’d choose a brand with a loyalty program over one without a similar program.  However, [...]

5 Tips to Boost Revenue during Canada Day using your Loyalty Program

2021-08-17T00:03:53-04:00June 21st, 2021|Blog, Gift Card & Loyalty Programs, Loyalty Campaign, Marketing Ideas, Rewards Program|

Now that patio season is in full swing, using customer loyalty programs in tandem with summer promotions is a surefire way to keep your visitors happy and rewarded for their patronage. Canada Day and the week surrounding it is a HUGE shopping opportunity for restaurants and retailers alike. Everyone will want to get out and celebrate! How can you [...]

Why Electronic Gift Cards Benefit Retailers

2021-12-06T23:52:14-04:00April 30th, 2021|Blog, Gift Card & Loyalty Programs, Gift Card Program, Marketing Ideas, Rewards Program|

Electronic gift cards have become a beneficial tool for businesses in the retail industry in the last year. But the question is, why? As we continue to pivot through this pandemic, many businesses have had to bring their physical store online. More and more consumers are choosing to shop online (whether they have the option or not to shop in-store).  In fact, according [...]

4 Tips to Prep Your Retail Loyalty Program for 2021

2021-08-16T23:44:18-04:00December 14th, 2020|Blog, Business Growth, Gift Card & Loyalty Programs, Loyalty Campaign, Rewards Program|

There is one thing we can all agree on: 2020 was not our favourite year. So why not start with giving your retail loyalty program a fresh face to help you get on the right foot for the New Year? Your retail loyalty program has always played an important role in your business, but it’s also safe to say it played an extra special [...]

Shout It out Loud: Marketing Your Rewards Program

2021-04-09T05:32:59-04:00August 28th, 2019|Blog, Rewards Program|

Congratulations! Your loyalty and rewards program is all set up and ready to go, and you’re ready to start handing cards out. But before you start counting all that new business coming in, there’s one more thing you need to do. Marketing Your Rewards Program. All reward programs increase business, but they don’t always reach their full potential. That’s often due to the lack [...]

3 Ways to Optimize Your Automotive Rewards Program

2021-04-09T05:38:32-04:00February 26th, 2019|Blog, Rewards Program|

In the automotive industry, an automotive rewards program is your key to increasing customer retention. But how can you make the most of your automotive rewards program to ensure your best ROI? We’ve listed three ways you can optimize your automotive rewards program and get the best bang for your buck. 1) Ensure staff is properly trained on the automotive rewards program First, it [...]