Tips for business success in September

2020-05-22T00:19:27-04:00September 12th, 2018|Blog, Business Growth|

For many, September is a symbolic month. September means a fresh start, new beginnings, and change. But what does it mean for your business? With everyone getting adjusted back to a regular schedule post summer, September means it is time to make sure your business is ready to adapt to the change. We’ve outlined below what automotive, petroleum, retail, and hospitality businesses should focus [...]

Why are eCommerce enhancements important for your business?

2020-05-22T00:44:08-04:00February 12th, 2018|Blog, Business Growth|

Have you introduced your gift card and loyalty program to your eCommerce platform? In this day and age, almost everything is done via the internet. Shopping, buying, selling – so why limit your customers to only using your program in store? Shopping online is becoming a growing trend and, according to statistics, almost 80% of consumers opt for using virtual shopping carts. Through your eCommerce platform, you can take [...]