Shopping malls are ringing with Christmas music and crowded with shoppers making their ‘to do’ list (and checking it twice). How can you take advantage of the holiday madness and boost sales through your gift card and loyalty program?

According to statistics, over 50% of shoppers opted to buy a gift card so the recipient could choose their own gift and almost 60% of people said their list to Santa included gift cards.

In 2016, over $26 billion was spent on gift cards during the holidays. It’s no secret gift cards are often considered the perfect gift. So how can you cash in on this?

We’ve listed out 3 ways you can boost sales during the holidays using your gift card and loyalty program:

1. Promote, promote, promote

Shoppers won’t know you have a loyalty program or that you sell gift cards unless you advertise it to them!

To achieve a sales boost, the key is to promote as heavily as you can before the holidays as possible. Utilize the space in your store and promote the program using window stickers, posters, and displays at the cash. Push the message that a gift card is really the perfect gift.

And don’t forget to promote online! Take advantage of your social media presence and let your followers know that you have the solution on how to make their Christmas shopping trip quick and easy. Sending out an email to your customers to remind them to buy a gift card is sure to boost sales.

2. Give a little, get a lot

It is the season of giving, right? So, treat your customers with a promotional gift card when they spend a certain amount in your store during the month of December.

For example, offer a $5 bonus gift card for every $50 gift card or in store purchase the customer makes. Not only are you encouraging the customer to spend at least $50, but you are also encouraging extra spending with the additional gift card.

3. Provide customers options for their gift cards

Don’t limit yourself to just plastic gift cards, offer e-Gift (electronic gift cards) too! Having multiple avenues for customers to purchase gift cards is a great way to boost sales.

Implementing e-Gift takes minutes to set up and is a hot option for those last-minute shoppers. It is also an appealing option for shoppers who don’t like to deal with the crowds or live far away from their recipient. As well, you are collecting their information and the recipient’s information, which allows you to continue to market your brand.

And whether its e-Gift or the plastic gift cards, provide design options! Shoppers will love having different designs to choose from; from a cute holiday polar bear to a classic Santa Claus. Work with designers at Ackroo to help perfect your gift card holiday designs!

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