The AckrooAPP Gift Card & Promo processing app has launched on Clover® Flex!

In partnership with First Data® Canada, we are happy to announce AckrooAPP Smart Terminal technology powered by Clover Flex is now  available.

This new leading edge app allows merchants to:
• Download a gift card and promo processing app on their Clover Flex device in seconds
• Complete program set up independently WITH NO SET UP FEES!

AckrooAPP features include:

  • Easy-to-use touch screen app – Complete all gift card, eGift and promo development actions with the click of a few buttons
  • Process plastic and eGift cards – The app allows you to process both plastic and eGift cards
  • 24/7 Self Serve Platform – Access program performance dashboards and reports anytime
  • eGift Ready* – Once you sign up, the app is instantly ready to start selling electronic gift cards online*

Also, any merchant who currently has a gift card program can easily migrate their program over to AckrooAPP.

To celebrate the launch we are offering a 30 DAY FREE TRIAL of AckrooAPP for a limited time.

For more details about AckrooAPP and the FREE TRIAL :

Call: 1.888.405.0066

Download a One Page Overview of AckrooAPP HERE

*eGift can be activated by reaching out to our support team at

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