Ackroo adds business intelligence data services for their growing client list

HAMILTON, Ontario, July 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ackroo Inc. (TSX-V: AKR; OTC: AKRFF) (the “Company” or “Ackroo”), a loyalty marketing, gift card, and payments technology and services provider, is pleased to announce that they have launched Ackroo BI, Ackroo’s business intelligence data services product.  As a data-driven MarTech company, Ackroo now offers an end to end data solution that combines an Ackroo developed DataWarehouse for ingestion of ALL sales and transaction data, a storage and data transformation tool in order to process, store and sort the ingested information, plus an integrated data presentation and visualization tool for custom dashboards and reports. Clients can also choose to use their own visualization tool and just utilize Ackroo’s Enterprise DataWarehouse and leverage the Ackroo data engineering services team to support their data needs.  The solution will provide Ackroo merchants a centralized and unified data set to better understand not just their loyalty and gift card data but ALL purchase data in order to make better marketing and business decisions and to truly understand ROI.  For Ackroo this means even further differentiation in the marketplace and an additional revenue stream that the Company expects will have a significant impact on their organic growth in the years ahead.

“We are excited to formally launch the new Ackroo BI data service to our growing merchant base,” commented Steve Levely, CEO of Ackroo. “We were formally introduced to BI from our acquisition of IQ724 in July of 2019.  One of the key drivers around that acquisition was the addition of adding advanced solutions like business intelligence to our growing mid to large market client base.  As the need for data insight and analysis becomes more and more important, especially with larger brands, we saw this advancement as a clear differentiator from many of our peers while introducing a great value add to our clients. We spent the last year in collaboration with the Mobi724 team supporting IQ724’s developed DataWarehouse. However, during Q2 in the midst of the COVID shutdowns, we focused on many product advancements, including a full re-build of this solution to improve on the previously built technology architecturally, and to allow integration with either our selected visualization and presentation tool or with the client’s own selection. Many large brands have already selected and are working with visualization tools and so our value for them would be a better collection, storage, and transformation of data for those tools which would include integration to Ackroo’s loyalty and gift card data.  With several current Ackroo/IQ724 clients already utilizing and seeing the benefit of these solutions, we are excited by the validation in the offering and our ability to further enhance and improve for our growing client list.  Data really has become the most important resource in the world today and so these advancements become critical to Ackroo in order to continue to evolve with the ever-changing marketing and payments landscape and support our strategy to not only consolidate companies in our industry but also vendors for our merchants.”

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Ackroo provides merchants of all sizes a robust, cloud-based multi-currency marketing platform to help attract, engage, and grow their customers while increasing their revenues and margins. Leveraging a SaaS-based business model Ackroo provides an in-store and online automated solution to help merchants process loyalty, gift card and promotional transactions at the point of sale, provide key administrative and marketing data, and to allow customers to access and manage their loyalty and gift card accounts. Ackroo also provides important marketing, data, and payment services to assist their merchants with utilizing Ackroo’s technology solution, to better understand and steer their customer’s behaviors, and to provide a single point of contact for all of their primary merchant currencies. Ackroo is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit:

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