About Ackroo

We provide affordable and easy-to-use software solutions that help businesses of any size process loyalty rewards programs, gift card, payment & promotional transactions at the point of sale.

our vision

To simplify, consolidate, and improve the merchant marketing and payments landscape.

our mission

To help Automotive, Hospitality, Petroleum, and Retail merchants of all sizes attract, retain, and grow their customers and their revenues.

Ackroo milestones

Our Executive Team

Ackroo – Merchant Marketing Platform & Software Solutions


Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer of Ackroo, Steve leads the company’s capital generation, capital allocation and overall corporate strategy. He focuses on executing all M&A and Capital Markets initiatives while providing additional support across all departments.  Steve also is the acting Chairman of Ackroo’s board of Directors.  Steve transitioned into this role after previously serving as the company’s EVP of Sales & Marketing.

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Our Senior Leadership Team


VP of Engineering

As VP of Product, Kevin is responsible for the team that identifies Ackroo’s customer needs and larger business objectives that our products and features will fulfill, articulate what success looks like for our products and rallies the team to turn that vision into reality..

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Ackroo – Merchant Marketing Platform & Software Solutions


VP of Operations

As VP of Operations, and with more than 25 years of customer success experience, operations and sales, primarily in the technology and field service space, Cheryl has been committed to leading the operational performance and financial performance by engaging and leading incredible teams.

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Ackroo – Merchant Marketing Platform & Software Solutions


Director of Product Management

As the Director of Product Management, Amanda drives product strategy and execution for Ackroo’s organic business.  Amanda is responsible for driving engagement with customers, marketing, sales leadership, and internal analysts to identify market opportunities, and secure/align Ackroo’s product portfolio & investments. Amanda is a skilled communicator, working with all teams across the company and working closely with the senior leadership team to set the strategic direction of the organization.

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Ackroo – Merchant Marketing Platform & Software Solutions


Director of Project Management

As Director of Project Management, Andrea helps support Ackroo’s M&A, Product and Go-to-market strategies. She manages the operational efficiency across all internal teams, with the priority of driving new business acquisitions forward by facilitating successful client integration, product migration, onboarding and retention efforts.

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Director of Business Development 

As Director of Business Development, Sam leads the Ackroo Sales Team in growing the Ackroo Partner Portfolio through new client acquisitions across all segments and by building and managing strategic partnerships.

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Ackroo – Merchant Marketing Platform & Software Solutions


Director of Finance

As the Director of Finance at Ackroo, Alysha is responsible for a team of accountants and all financial tasks. The accounting team is responsible for all things accounting and finance, including invoicing, accurate record-keeping, financial statement preparation and other tasks. Alysha oversees the tasks completed by her team and uses this data to prepare thorough financial analyses and recommendations for Ackroo.

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Ackroo – Merchant Marketing Platform & Software Solutions


Director of Support

As the Director of Support at Ackroo, Alex is responsible for the team that drives support strategies for Ackroo, including support for our client businesses, their customers, onboarding new businesses, supporting Ackroo’s various products and supporting the company internally as well.

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Ackroo – Merchant Marketing Platform & Software Solutions


Engineering Team Lead – Product Support

As Engineering Team Lead – Product Support, Matt leads a team of engineers whose goal is to bridge the gap between the engineering team and first-line support for customers.  This team also provides IT and DevOps support internally for the company to help improve technical operations.

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