Take advantage of the slower months in the first part of the year by reviewing your loyalty program offerings. How are you connecting with your existing customers and making them feel appreciated? How are you using your loyalty card to intrigue new customers? January is a celebratory time; let us help you create a fun loyalty promotion that will delight your customers and keep them coming back to you all winter long!

Here are some general loyalty campaign ideas, which you can take as inspiration and tailor to your business’s type and needs.

  1. January through March (Q1) is often the least busy time of the year for businesses. Consider offering extra points to customers that visit you during this time.
  2. Offer extra rewards with the purchase of a specific product that’s tied into a monthly theme, like bonus points on green items all March long.
  3. Run a contest through your social media to refresh your customer engagement. These can be lots of fun to tie into a monthly event.

Now let’s break it down by month to get more creative juices flowing! Stay tuned for ideas for Q2, Q3 ad Q4 on the blog in the coming weeks.


There’s a whole new year laid out ahead for you and your customers. Celebrate them by renewing efforts into your loyalty program.

  • Reward your long-time loyalty program members with extra points.
  • Support customers’ new year’s resolutions — healthy smoothie shops can offer extra points all January long, for example.
Loyalty card retail cashier smoothie shop


The month for love! Capitalize on the Hallmark-driven Valentine’s marketing everywhere and get a little sappy to show how much you *heart* your customers.

  • Couples who shop together, stay together. Give out BOGO promotions, like a free latte if customers use their loyalty card while visiting with their significant other.
  • Create a Valentine’s-style coupon or voucher booklet that customers can share with their loved ones.
  • Support those who are keeping up their new year’s resolutions by offering a bonus, whether that’s points or a free item for their visits throughout January.
Valentine's couple gift promotion


There are quite a few things happening this month that you could spin to help drive interest in loyalty sign-ups.

  • Celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th by implementing a points or item bonus for all your female customers.
  • Tie in March Break shoppers by offering a points incentive for purchases made during the week, or the week before as they prep for travel.
  • Does your business have Irish roots? Own it this month with a special promo!

Get creative! Our marketing team is happy to help you create an engaging Q1 seasonal promotion that will reignite excitement from your loyal customers and will attract new patrons to your business.

Still looking for loyalty campaign ideas? Don’t have a loyalty program yet? Check out our previous post on the Benefits of Introducing a Gift Card and Loyalty Program.

Want to learn more? Feel free to contact our marketing experts at marketing@ackroo.com or contact us here.

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