How can you make the most of St. Patrick’s Day with your gift card program?

This year, St. Patrick’s Day will be a little different due to COVID-19. However, we have some last-minute ideas on how your restaurant can still make the most of the day through your gift card program and through your loyalty program!

  1. Offer Take-Home St. Paddy’s Day Feasts 

Certain restaurants are currently limited on indoor dining. Therefore, a great way to boost revenue on March 17th is offering take home specials.

Plus, if you’d like to sweeten the deal, tie a gift card promotion to your take-home specials. For example, if a customer orders your St. Paddy’s Day take home special they receive a $10 promo card that they can use on a future order or visit.

(Photo by Pressmaster from Pexels)

Not only does this add extra incentive to dine from your restaurant on March 17th, but it also encourages a return visit in the future. 


  1. Utilize Your Outdoor Space for Extra Diners

Does your restaurant have an outdoor space for diners? Make the most of it to encourage people to choose your restaurant for their celebration.

Another great way to further encourage restaurant goers to choose your restaurant? Offering none other than gift cards! There are a few options that you can do for your gift card program:

  1. When customers dine on your patio, they will receive a bonus card (i.e. $10 – $20) that can be used for future visits.
  2. Run a contest with your gift card program. When customers choose your patio, they are automatically entered for a $100 gift card draw

Aside from your gift card program, you can also run promotions to encourage visits. For example, if a customer dines on your patio they will receive a free green beer. How refreshing!

Plus, just because you’re outdoors, doesn’t mean you can’t decorate. Make sure to douse your patio in shamrocks and everything green to help keep the festive spirit going.


  1. Offer St. Paddy’s Day Promotions Virtually

Running virtual promotions will help you extend your potential reach for customers. Utilize social media to run a simple day-of promotion on March 17th. 

Through your gift card program, run a contest for a chance to win a $50 or $100 gift card to your restaurant. Encourage followers to like, share, and comment on your St. Paddy’s Day post as their entry to the contest. These types of contests help bring awareness to your restaurant since followers are sharing your page to their followers as well. 

Or, encourage visits to your restaurant on March 17th by promoting an in-house special. For example, Emerald Coffee Co. is running a “lucky cup” promotion on March 17th. Customers are encouraged to visit Emerald Coffee Co. and pick a coffee cup to see what magic lays inside!

Do you have a loyalty program? Help encourage sign ups by running a St. Paddy’s Day loyalty special. When someone signs up to your loyalty program from March 17th until March 31st, they will receive extra bonus dollars to their account.

Again, this can be easily promoted through your social media channels.


Emerald Coffee Co. promoted their St. Patrick’s Day special via Instagram. (Photo Cred: Emerald Coffee Co.)


  1. Go Green with eGift

Lastly, if you offer digital gift cards, you can run a promotion that customers can easily take part of from home.

How can you bring in extra revenue with digital gift cards

When customers purchase a digital gift card from your eGift portal, they will receive a bonus card for themselves! You can set a minimum amount the gift card purchase must be to encourage a higher spend.

First, you’re encouraging customers to purchase gift cards for your restaurant. Second, you’re encouraging an extra visit with the bonus card.

Plus, just like decorating your restaurant, you can decorate your eGift portal. Add a special St. Paddy’s Day digital gift card for festive fun.