A hospitality loyalty program: one of the key solutions to recovery and resilience for the hospitality industry in 2021.

With great pleasure, the Ackroo team had the opportunity to take part in the RC Show 2021 ONLINE LIVE, hosted by Restaurants Canada

The focus was “Feeding the Recovery” for the hospitality industry. How can businesses in the industry thrive and survive during challenging times?  Ackroo presented their solution of the power of a hospitality loyalty program.

With our carefully crafted virtual booth ready for visitors, the Ackroo team chatted with businesses from across the country and beyond during this 4-day virtual trade show.

In fact, we had over 250 people stop by our (virtual) booth! Along with the Ackroo team ready to chat, we also had resources available for attendees along with our Ackroo Experts Series (check them out below!).

Attendees had the opportunity to attend 30 different sessions that focused on leadership, research, trends and insights to help the hospitality industry. 

In a press release from Restaurants Canada, President and CEO Todd Barclay said restaurants are a cornerstone of our communities.

“We are proud to be able to support the foodservice industry through education and innovation at this year’s RC Show, but the conversation around Canada’s foodservice sector is far from over.”

So what did Ackroo take away from the RC Show? Here are 3 things we learned along the way of this virtual trade show. 

  1. Contactless Options Are In High Demand

Businesses in the hospitality industry are looking for ways to keep operations as contactless as possible. How could Ackroo help with this solution? Contactless payment through the Clover device

Merchants can run their hospitality loyalty program and gift card program through the Clover device. This device helps reduce the amount of contact during a transaction.

2. Businesses Need More Government Assistance

COVID-19 has left an enormous impact on the hospitality industry. Between job losses and forced shutdowns, businesses are asking for help to return to profitability.

One of the movements being pushed is an extension of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy and Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy.

3. The Power of Communication

Lastly, online trade shows may become the new norm for a while; and they are a different ball game!

We learned about the power of messaging during the RC Show. The booth chat room was where we would sit down with our hot cup of coffee to chat with attendees. 

In fact, it was a reminder to educate businesses in the hospitality industry to keep the conversation active with their customers.

Hospitality loyalty programs give you the power of data to help communicate with your customers. Plus, Ackroo offers email marketing services to help you stay connected. Your customers will never miss an update!

Learn more about Restaurants Canada and what they’re doing to help those in the hospitality industry.