It’s no secret that the world of credit card payment processing is changing due to the ongoing pandemic. Cash is becoming a thing of the past and touch-free solutions are in higher demand.

As a business, it’s important that you offer an experience for your customers where they feel comfortable. One way is through offering contactless payment processing. Here are three benefits of offering a contactless solution:


1.Better Customer Experience

Offering contactless payment allows for a quicker and smoother checkout experience, which in turn leads to a better customer experience. Customers aren’t required to input their PIN or sign receipts which means a reduction on checkout lines.

Do keep in mind that there is a limit on how much a customer can pay with the tap option. Pre-pandemic, the standard limit was $100 but since April 2020 credit card transactions saw an increase to $250 for tap. 


2.Safety and Security

Safety and security is one of the top priorities when it comes to credit card payment processing. With a contactless solution, whether it’s tapping a card over a POS system or using a mobile wallet (like a smartwatch), the card/device never leaves the customer’s hand.

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Plus, when it comes to contactless payment, your customers can feel confident they are at a reduced risk against any fraudulent activity. According to Forbes, when you pay via a contactless solution your name, billing address and card verification code are not transmitted. The data on your credit card is encrypted.

And depending on the transaction, you are likely not entering your PIN. So, no need to worry about who may be looking over your shoulder.

3.It’s Sanitary and Reduces the Spread of Bacteria

Offering contactless payment processing is the one of the most sanitary options for you and your customers. Due to COVID-19, distancing and limiting interaction is extremely important. 

With a contactless solution, not only do you cut out the need for handling cash but you also reduce the amount of physical interaction with your point-of-sale.

Plus, you can take it to the next level and offer an email receipt to your customer rather than a physical receipt. This is yet another way to help limit interaction.


How can I set up contactless payment?

Getting set up with a contactless solution is easy. For example, with AckrooPAY you can offer a touch-free payment option with the Clover Flex.














Payment technology like the Clover Flex allows you to accept payment in-store, on the move and online. Curious to learn more? Visit our AckrooPAY page and find out more about bundling and saving!