Are you a small business looking to introduce a custom gift card program in Canada? Gift cards are a great way for small businesses to increase revenue, especially with the holiday season quickly approaching!


Here are 10 places where you can create and order custom gift cards for your small businesses in Canada!

  1. Ackroo

Ackroo has a gift card program where you attract, retain, and grow your customer base. You can choose between using your own design or having professionals at Ackroo develop a design for you. With options between digital or physical gift cards, you can appeal to all audiences, including gift card distribution.

  1. Vistaprint

Vistaprint is a well-known business that creates uniquely branded promotional products for businesses. They have gift certificates designed for businesses to spread the word about their brand.

  1. Duracard

With Duracard, small businesses can create custom physical gift cards and apply any dollar value to it.

  1. Square

Square provides a complete gifting program solution for retailers. Small businesses can sell eGift cards online or physical cards in their store.

  1. Roller

Roller’s gift card app includes online gift software to sell digital or physical gift cards, designed to help small businesses create additional revenue.

  1. Yiftee

Yiftee is a platform that enables small businesses to create instant custom-branded eGift cards while providing cost-effective, pay-for-performance promotions.

  1. Givex

Givex gives retailers the option to allow customers to buy and receive gift cards online or through their mobile device.

  1. Plastic Printers

Plastic Printers is a custom gift card supplier that offers a cost-effective gift card program compatible with any POS system.

  1. Plastic Card City

Plastic Card City provides retailers who are on a budget, printed gift cards. They are designed to build brand awareness and increase revenue with a striking design and durability.

  1. Giftfly

At Giftfly, businesses can sell and promote their online gift cards Giftfly. They are a custom eGift card platform where small business owners create, sell, and market their own eGift cards.