Looking for new ways to grow your business? Looking to better utilize our technology to better engage and grow your customer base? We are here to help.

Distribution Services

Ackroo helps our merchants sell their gift cards at other in-store and on-line retailers.

Current distribution opportunities include:

Marketing Services

Ackroo Provides marketing services to help our merchants better utilize the Ackroo technology…

Marketing services include:

  • Email marketing
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Conquest marketing

Our Marketing Services

Postal Code Targeting


Your next buyer looks a lot like your last buyer!

Target the direct neighbours of your recent purchasers with a series of professionally designed and addressed mail pieces that are positively engaging and take advantage of a “like-audience”.

Watch our video to learn more!

New Movers


New Mover Data takes advantage of a very unique demographic.  In cities all across Canada, 1 in 67 households move monthly.  This means that in your city, there are hundreds of New Movers every month – and that matters to you!

Why?  Because 20% of these New Movers will purchase a new vehicle within 12 weeks of their move, with as many as 66% of them purchasing within the first 12 months.  The question is, will it be from your dealership?

Watch our video to learn more!

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