Marnie Mosseau-Barr

Marnie Mosseau-Barr

Director of Marketing & Design

As Director of Marketing & Design for Ackroo, Marnie has overall responsibility for marketing, communications, media, channel management, customer growth, as well as design for all company and customer collateral and marketing materials and services.

Marnie transitioned into the role of Director of Marketing & Design after previously serving as the company’s Director of Sales Operations and prior to that, Operations Manager; Sales, Marketing, and Production. Prior to joining Ackroo, Marnie held several positions spanning a variety of industries including high-tech, cinema advertising, and print production but most notably production control, cost and scheduling and project management in both the Space Missions and Nuclear Medicine Health Sciences industries. Key roles included process improvement for engineering project reporting, multi-department SharePoint integration, and company policy investigation and audit coordination.