Three Reasons Why You Should Love Gift Cards

It’s no secret, we love gift cards. But most importantly, we think you should love them too. Gift cards are a vital tool to helping your business thrive. Building and maintaining a strong customer base, as well as increasing revenues are only a few of the many...

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Three Reasons Why You Need to Go Mobile

These days, everything is done on our smartphone. Calling, texting, e-mailing, updating social media, booking a flight, doing your groceries, depositing a cheque – everything. So wouldn’t it make sense for your customers to be able to check their gift card and loyalty...

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Why a Loyalty Program is Your Golden Ticket

Customers: the key ingredient to make sales and keep the business afloat. But how do you attract customers and retain them? The solution is simple: a loyalty program. A loyalty program can help a business: Attract customers Retain customers Increase dollars spent in...

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