Boost Your Sales This Holiday Season

Before we know it, shopping malls will be ringing with Christmas music and crowded with shoppers making their ‘to do’ list (and checking it twice). How can you take advantage of the holiday madness and boost sales through your gift card and loyalty program? According...

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Three Reasons Why You Should Love Gift Cards

It’s no secret, we love gift cards. But most importantly, we think you should love them too. Gift cards are a vital tool to helping your business thrive. Building and maintaining a strong customer base, as well as increasing revenues are only a few of the many...

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Three Reasons Why You Need to Go Mobile

These days, everything is done on our smartphone. Calling, texting, e-mailing, updating social media, booking a flight, doing your groceries, depositing a cheque – everything. So wouldn’t it make sense for your customers to be able to check their gift card and loyalty...

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Why a Loyalty Program is Your Golden Ticket

Customers: the key ingredient to make sales and keep the business afloat. But how do you attract customers and retain them? The solution is simple: a loyalty program. A loyalty program can help a business: Attract customers Retain customers Increase dollars spent in...

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